Governor Lamont announces Executive Director of the Health Strategy Office Victoria Veltry to leave the civil service

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Governor Lamont announces Executive Director of the Health Strategy Office Victoria Veltry to leave the civil service

(HARTFORD, CT) – Gov. Ned Lamont announced today that the executive director of the Connecticut Health Strategy Office, Victoria Veltrie, will step down from her role in the state government later this month to pursue a new career opportunity. Veltri has taken on the position of CEO of Malta House of Care, a private, non-profit medical clinic that provides high-quality, free primary care to uninsured adults at Greater Hartford.

Veltri has served as Head of the Health Strategy Service since its inception in February 2018 and was reassigned to this role in January 2019 when Governor Lamont took office. The Health Strategy Office is responsible for implementing data-based strategies that promote equal access to health care, improve the value of health care, reduce costs, and provide better health care systems for Connecticut residents. It was created as part of a consolidation effort to gather several existing resources from different government agencies in one centralized location so that these efforts can function more coherently and efficiently.

Under her leadership, the office:

  • The first successful exchange of health information in the whole country starts;
  • Modified certification process with a focus on equity, access, accessibility and community benefits;
  • Launches an advisory council for community health workers;
  • Encourages investment in community-led prevention activities;
  • More comprehensive reporting and action on community benefits provided;
  • Partners with the Office of the State Comptroller and others to launch the Connecticut Health Accessibility Index;
  • Develop a two-party program to cover Connecticut; and
  • It recently became the first state in the country to codify a bipartisan executive order to establish the first cost growth indicators in Connecticut, primary care goals and quality criteria.

“Vicky is one of the most passionate and energetic people I have had the pleasure of working with during my tenure as governor, and every time we talk, I am always captivated by her enthusiasm for her work and her deep commitment to welcoming the health needs of the people of Connecticut, especially when it comes to issues such as fairness of costs, access, accessibility and bridging the gap between race and gender in care. ” Governor Lamont said. “I am very sad to see her leave, but I wish her success in her new potential. I am grateful for the work and expertise she has provided to our country over these many years.

Prior to her current role, Veltry was chief health adviser to former Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman. She has also served as a health care advocate in Connecticut at the Health Attorney’s Office.

“I am very grateful to Governor Lamont for the opportunity to work in his administration.” said Weltry. “I am proud of the exceptional team in the Health Strategy Office and his daily dedicated work throughout the healthcare industry. Working for the state is an exceptional privilege. During my sixteen years in government, I had the great fortune to hold several leadership roles, including as chief health policy adviser to former Lieutenant Governor Wyman and as public health advocate appointed by former Governor Maloy. I have many friends in the executive and legislature, including heads of other government agencies, with whom I will miss my regular work and with whom I have always worked in partnership. No agency works without the deep commitment of our employees, and I will miss them the most. Our work has always focused on the people of Connecticut, and I will take on that commitment.

Weltry’s last day in the state will be July 1, 2022. Governor Lamont begins looking for a successor to take office.

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