HealthSmart® launches Houston SmartCare health plan ™

The personalized health plan uses significant discounts with a local focus on the plan’s sponsors Greater Houston area

Irving, Texas, June 1, 2022 / PRNewswire / – HealthSmart, one of the largest third countries, administrators of health plans for employers and sponsors of plans, announced the launch of Houston SmartCare ™, a comprehensive health plan funded by a level that offers market-leading discounts for Houston-area to small to medium employers. The plan offers significant savings and protection for plan sponsors and includes access to leading hospitals, facilities and suppliers Big Houston through the Employers Health Network (EHN).

Houston SmartCare provides a transparent, comprehensive model that offers predictable costs through a level-funded plan with no additional risk to employers and significantly lower premiums compared to mass-produced programs. The program also offers financial security with stop loss coverage to protect plans from catastrophic claims.

In addition to a comprehensive health benefit plan, Houston SmartCare boasts a superb member experience through its team of concierge advisors who work to guide members and help them navigate their health journey every step of the way. the road.

Houston SmartCare is available in eight counties Big Houstonand is a joint effort of HealthSmart, EHN and Elan Insurance Group.

“This new health plan, created especially for Big Houston The field is another example of how HealthSmart approaches our organizational mission to reduce costs for plan sponsors and provide first-class health solutions to our members, ”he said. Craig Julien, CEO of HealthSmart. “This program demonstrates an innovative approach to support sponsor planning in Houston Zone controls its health care costs by providing access to the best hospitals and providers in the area through EHN. ” in terms of providing quality healthcare options at great discounts. “

Omar HaidoPresident of Elan Insurance Group, sees Houston SmartCare as a complete solution that solves several problems for sponsors of plans in Houston ■ area. “Plan sponsors usually have to work with several players to build their health plans,” Haedo said. “By bringing together experts in the areas most concerned with small and medium-sized plan sponsors, we have created a one-stop solution that offers a high-quality, focused network of suppliers, critical stop loss coverage and comprehensive third-party service administration.” relieving the sponsors of the health plan in the area from the burden of purchasing these services separately. “

Brokers, employers and plan sponsors can learn more about the program or request more information at

HealthSmart will showcase the Houston SmartCare health plan at an upcoming webinar on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 1:30 PM CDT. The webinar will share more information about the brokers they serve Houston– regional sponsors. Registration is available at

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