Hello Happiness in Sheboygan offers affordable art supplies, classes

SHEBOYGAN — Through traveling to teach art classes and owning several shops before opening Hello Happiness Creativity Center, 1504 New Jersey Ave., Kim Geiser said she has consistently seen that creativity is expensive, like some art classes cost over $100.

“You can’t take a lot of classes if you don’t have money,” said Geiser, founder and executive creative director of Hello Happiness. “… And the people who were going, some had disposable income, but they had to save for a really long time.”

To help create “creativity for all,” Hello Happiness offers lower prices on art supplies in its store and classes in its creative space.

Before opening on New Jersey Avenue in 2020, Hello Happiness was a pop-up shop in downtown Sheboygan from 2016 to 2017. Shortly after it closed, Geiser spent three months working in social services. She said it made her realize how lucky she is.

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