Hendersonville’s business rents out unique vehicles to open onto Main Street

A local business offering daily rentals of electric bicycles and tricycles opens on June 6 at 508 S Main St., Hendersonville.

In addition to renting cars, Blue Ridge Rentals will house the new Pisgah coffee and smoothie store and provide a permanent place for The Taste Buds food truck. Blue Ridge Rentals joins The Taste Buds and The View Restaurant at the Echo Mountain Inn as the latest venture from the Blue Ridge Hospitality Group.

“I could open another restaurant, but there are so many restaurants in the area. So we were trying to come up with something that wasn’t in our area yet that we could offer, that was different, “said Tom Makowski, founder and CEO of Blue Ridge Hospitality Group.

The business will offer two 2021 Polaris Slingshot Rs and one 2022 Vanderhall Venice GT for a rental period of eight hours, 24 hours or three days. No motorcycle license is required to drive any of the vehicles and insurance is provided.

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