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The Randy Rogers Band’s new album, “Homecoming,” embodies the sound the band has created over the past two decades.

The Randy Rogers Band recently announced an upcoming album release set for October 14th. This 11-song record is a beautifully tragic tale of first heartbreaks, small towns and nostalgic feelings.

“Coming home”is the band’s ninth studio album and marks their 20thth anniversary they play together. The album brings much of their previous music full circle and revisits personal themes and memories for the band.

“This song embodies the sound that has created the last two decades of touring for our band,” Rogers said in a statement about the album. “Recorded and written with Radney Foster, this is a return to the origins of the Randy Rogers Band.”

Ten of the album’s 11 songs were co-written by Rogers, with co-writers such as Parker McCollum, Randy Montana, John Randall and others. The project was produced by Radney Foster, who previously worked with the band. Foster produced several of the band’s early works, including “Rollercoaster”and “Just a Matter of Time,” making “Homecoming” a full-circle moment.

“”Coming home”is a renaissance orchestrated by Radney Foster,” said Rogers. “We went back to our roots, working with Radney again, as well as recording this record in two iconic studios that produced some of our most successful music. Dance with the one who brought you.”

O’Colley reviewed this album ahead of its October release. The album itself is amazing. Maybe I’m just saying this as a huge red dirt fan, but the Randy Rogers Bandhas always been one of my favorites.

The two songs that were released, “Nothing But Love Songs” and “Picture Frames”, were the best songs released first. “Nothing But Love Songs” features the difficult journey of hearing all the sappy love songs on the radio after a breakup. The violin and electric guitar really add a good balance and unique air to the heartbreaking song. The songs set a good stage for the rest of the October release.

I love the contrast with breakup songs with the song “Small Town Girl Goodbye.” As someone who wanted to leave her small hometown, I really resonated with those lyrics. The song is well crafted and I think many young women will like it. Rogers’ upbeat music and vocals really make for a nice break from the sadness.

The album returns to the heartbeat of track nine, “Heart For Just One Team”. Randy Rogers and John Bowman co-wrote this song about Rogers’ “old man” who used to take him to Sunday football games. The heartache of losing a loved one comes through in this song and adds a depth that many country albums lack.

My personal favorite from the unreleased album is “Know That By Now”. It was the song that felt the most real and raw to me. A few country songs I’ve heard sing about drinking breaking up a relationship and not being able to move on from someone you love. However, this song stood out to me. Rogers’ voice sounds so broken and meaningful on “Know That By Now” and I ended up listening to it on repeat for 10 minutes.

The entire album is incredible and red dirt fans should be excited, especially with the Randy Rogers Band headlining in Stillwater. Hopefully the band will play a song or two from “Homecoming”.

The Randy Rogers Band will play Outside City Limits Music, a local music festival featuring lesser-known country acts from Calf Fry’s Red Dirt. The festival kicks off next Friday, September 9, at Tumbleweed, with the Randy Rogers Band headlining.

For more information about Outside City Limits or the Randy Rogers Band, please visit calffry.com/outsidecitylimits or randyrogersband.com.

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