HOPCo partners with future healthcare to acquire a platform to engage musculoskeletal patients and track results

“The FHW platforms and their artificial intelligence capabilities, combined with HOPCo’s performance management infrastructure, will make the transition from volume-based to value-based care easier and more predictable,” said Dr. . Wael Barsum, President and CEO of HOPCo Transformation. “At the same time, providers require more sophisticated tools for monitoring, tracking and reporting real-time results as part of their participation in value-based care programs. My recovery and мск.аи the platforms impressed us because the level of patient and provider engagement was dramatically higher than any other platform we have ever studied and tested. “

FHW’s platforms include a full range of predictive analysis capabilities that serve as an early identifier for patients at higher risk of adverse outcomes or readmission in the hospital. This technology supports the already robust HOPCo results management platform, claims analysis, clinical datasets and IT tools, which have successfully improved clinical outcomes, patient experience and access to care, while reducing overall MSK care costs and reducing historical cost trends for broad-based geographers everywhere.

“Over the past 15 years, HOPCo has been an unparalleled success in MSK’s value-based care programs and will continue to do so,” said Dr. Brian Wall, CMIO in HOPCo. “This acquisition further accelerates HOPCo’s ability to connect patients, providers and payers, thus improving visibility on evidence-based routes. All this leads to improved results and savings in a much more meaningful way than other solutions. It also helps HOPCo continue to become a world leader in musculoskeletal data management. “

HOPCo is currently partnering with health systems and physicians in more than 30 states and continues to partner with U.S. payers in advanced value-based care programs, including the nation’s first nationwide-focused public health program, MSK in Arizona. With the addition of the FHW platform, HOPCo creates an unparalleled technology infrastructure that offers comprehensive services for analyzing and improving the care of health systems, medical practices, payers and patients in the United States.

By using the HOPCo infrastructure and proven experience in combining data, technology and experience in providing clinical care that unlocks better results and value in the MSK space, FHW can stay focused on our core competencies and accelerate -further development of the patient-oriented value. based on technological solutions for providing care, “said Dr. Thomas Hart, CEO and co-founder of FHW. “We are excited to have the support and expertise of HOPCo to ensure that we replicate in the United States the success we have achieved in the UK and elsewhere.”

This cross-border transaction was facilitated and managed by MedWorld Advisors, a leading M&A consulting firm specializing in MedTech / Healthcare, based in United Stateswith offices and partners around the world.

About Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo)

Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo) is a national leader in integrated health outcomes management based on musculoskeletal values, practice management and health system services management. This includes comprehensive experience in all MSK specialties, including orthopedics, spine, neurosurgery, arm, pain management, rehabilitation and neurology. HOPCo’s integrated care, analysis and development and management platforms have proven to improve the quality of patient care while reliably reducing overall care costs across the continuum of care for practices, health systems and payers. HOPCo’s related payers, practices and health systems successfully participate in highly effective value-based contracts (package payments, chronic episodes of care initiatives, public health programs and other enhanced risk-based arrangements) using HOPCo’s own platforms , IT solutions, integrated analytics and evidence-based ways of comprehensive care. Visit www.hopco.com to learn more.

About Future Health Works (FHW)

Founded by surgeons, Future Health Works (FHW) was built and deployed мск.аи and My recovery to meet the complex needs of the global orthopedic community. FHW supports patients, surgeons, health systems, research organizations and life science companies.

Through shared training and patient engagement with materials, FHW accelerates the understanding of care progress and improves outcomes.

By partnering with leading hospitals and integrated care systems (ICS) in the NHS (National Health Service), FHW is well placed to help the NHS meet its long-term plan and manage the additional challenges posed by rising costs, care requirements and planned surgery lagging behind COVID 19.

From managing waiting lists and optimizing care pathways, to helping patients and facilitating outpatient care, FHW stimulates surgical efficiency and transforms the way orthopedic surgery can be provided in this new world – with shared goals for improving patient outcomes and improving the lives of people living with pain.

About MedWorld Advisors

MedWorld Advisors (MWA) is a leading international boutique merger and acquisition consulting firm based in Andover, Massachusetts, USA. MWA specializes in supporting small to medium-sized companies in the medical device market, MedTech, BioTech, Dental, Life Sciences, Digital Health, Medical and Dental Practice and all HealthCare to achieve their stakeholder goals.

Their M&A advisory experts create value opportunities for both early-stage and mid-market companies by facilitating their commercialization and exit strategies. The Fortune 500 experience of the MWA Advisor from working on both sides of the table allows them to best position their customers with all types of buyers on a global basis. MWA has years of long-standing relationships in these markets and a truly global footprint as a healthcare mergers and acquisitions firm.

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