How a lawyer can help you

Most of us only consider personal injury protection, or PIP, when buying auto insurance.

PIP insurance serves as a means of covering any health care bills incurred as a result of a vehicle accident. In some circumstances, PIP insurance can also pay for lost earnings and funeral expenses.

No one is “at fault” with PIP insurance, so these claims should not result in higher insurance rates. When your insurer’s limits are reached, at-fault party liability insurance can fill the gap. In the text below, we will look at how a PIP lawyer can help you in this situation and what the benefits of hiring one are.

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What is PIP insurance?

No-fault auto insurance policies in Michigan clearly state that your personal insurance claim will be used to pay for the damages regardless of who is at fault for your car accident. Some drivers with comprehensive PIP insurance plans, sometimes referred to as first-party bonuses, may have all costs handled to such an extent that there is no need to engage in negotiations with the other party’s insurance provider. One of the main benefits of PIP in Michigan includes appropriate and necessary medical care related to the accident. Up to a certain cash level, respite care fees to help with activities you are unable to carry out due to damage to your vehicle as a result of an accident (eg housework, meal preparation, childcare, etc.). Also, if someone dies in a car accident, the family will receive compensation.

Why might I need a personal injury lawyer for my PIP claim?

PIP insurance sometimes refuses to pay medical expenses due to a car accident. They may seek independent medical reviews or conduct peer reviews. You are in a difficult situation as this leads to more procedures and rising medical costs. Additionally, other issues, such as negligence or manufacturer’s liability, may have contributed to your injury. A PIP attorney is qualified to guide you through these issues.

What can I expect from a PIP insurance lawyer?

A PIP lawyer will explain your rights related to insurance claims and what the insurance provider owes you. Also, if you need help, they will help you get any money the insurance company owes you. A lawyer will defend you during negotiations and will often make a deal without the need for a court hearing.

PIP attorneys can help identify unique situations that could entitle you to additional compensation, such as product liability or a fatality. Your legal representative will be able to assess the reality of these issues and raise them with the relevant parties. These unique circumstances can significantly affect the amount of compensation you should receive.


A lawyer completes an important part of the process

When you hire a personal injury law firm, the lawyer will first review the documentation and case files, then obtain all other documentation from the relevant authorities to establish the important facts. After that, it is extremely important that the compensation procedures are initiated in time, because otherwise, after the expiration of the legal terms, the right to an insurance claim is extinguished by statute of limitations.

The lawyer will make a claim for compensation on your behalf to the injured party or the person liable to pay the damage (most often the insurer) and will first negotiate and mediate to get you compensation. And when necessary, the office will file a lawsuit to compel the insurer or the injured party to compensate the damage, i.e. to pay the compensation amount.

Seeking the help of a lawyer is the only safe option

Lawyers are the only professionals authorized by law to provide legal aid and representation in court and out-of-court proceedings, as well as legal aid services and damages proceedings. Plagiarism is prohibited by law, but it is still present in advertisements and Internet searches.

It is best to contact a lawyer or law firm directly for the best solution to your problem. You will be provided with a service according to the standards of the legal profession and in accordance with the law, completely transparently.

What happens if my PIP claim is rejected?

The goal of insurance companies is to pay out as little money as possible on claims. If your PIP coverage is denied, you should immediately contact a personal injury attorney for guidance.

A personal injury attorney can help you get the emergency medical care you need in the meantime by negotiating with your health care staff so that you can profit from their treatment while they wait to receive payment for their insurance claim or judgment.

The benefits of hiring a PIP lawyer are countless and no doubt highly desirable. We hope that this text has been useful to you and that you will get the best outcome from the incident.

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