How is technology changing the game in the real estate sector?

Meta Description: Technological integration in the real estate sector fuels new avenues for growth, with property management benefiting in particular from the adoption of technology.

Implementation of technologies in real estate

The growing use of technology in every sphere of life has increased the level of comfort and convenience for both companies and customers. From fast-growing consumer goods to the automotive industry and from the long-term consumer sector to e-commerce, every industry is reaping the benefits of improved integration and adoption of technology.

The real estate sector is also keeping pace with the intensive introduction of technology and has begun to adopt new solutions on multiple business fronts at once. Whether it is looking for the right property, filling out complex documentation or applying for funding, technology is proving to be a panacea for enriching the experience of clients in the real estate sector. It is indeed encouraging to see that most procedural functions and operational mechanisms in the real estate market are undergoing a digital transformation (from their old rural ways), which is proving to be extremely useful for the whole industry.

Propdial: Leading technological start in property management

The property management segment is the one that has benefited significantly from the adoption of technology. From virtual display of property, uploading tenants online or collecting online applications for service partners, the use of technology has changed the face of property management in the real estate sector. The use of technology not only makes these functions more efficient, but also benefits the entire value chain by reducing the overall cost structure associated with property management processes.

Propdial – A Gurgaon-based startup that helps NRIs and Indians stay away from their properties by offering a full range of services that include property inspections and reports, finding tenants and boarding, a fully digitalized agreement and verification , on-demand support services and personalized boards for owners and tenants.

What distinguishes Propdial from others?

India’s leading property management company Propdial can easily be considered a one-stop solution for all your property management needs. Focusing specifically on offering comprehensive care and management of remote properties, this startup has taken a distinctive place for itself in the market. Here are some statistics that testify to the huge popularity that Propdial enjoys among customers:

  • Propdial has more than 5,000 satisfied customers who swear by the reliability of its services.
  • There are customers from more than 50 countries with an operational presence in 10 states and 20+ cities
  • Already successfully manages more than 2000 properties with the highest level of efficiency and customer satisfaction (score 4.7 / 5)
  • It has a customer retention rate of over 80%, which is the highest among the business sectors in the country
  • It has a fully equipped property management ecosystem with more than 200 service partners.

Second home services

In fact, further improving its game, Propdial recently ventured into a shared property space for a second home. Rising incomes and interest in buying a second property have raised the segment to new heights recently. But the needs and expectations of the second property buyers are significantly different from those of the first owners. The previous set of buyers-investors gives more desirable value to their second property. In addition, they want their second home to offer recurring income and a return on investment. In addition, these owners also strive to enjoy the use of their own or swap-based properties in this close-knit community.

With the early recognition of these latent needs, Propdial came up with new solutions for the niche segment of second property owners. The services include the concept of shared ownership, management of the entire life cycle of the property, the possibility of self-use and a high return on investment. Thanks to all these innovative services, second home management services have been a great success for Propdial. In fact, prospective clients around the world are vying to use these comprehensive property management solutions from Propdial.

Growth scenario and prospects for the future

With already impressive 320% Annual revenue growth in fiscal year 22 and paving the way for greater annual growth, Propdial is emerging as a prominent player in the global property management sector. The mantra for the success of the organization is very simple – create a profitable solution for all stakeholders involved in the ecosystem of property management and the real estate sector.

The adoption and integration of technology remains the main mantra for success for Propdial and the startup is fully committed to developing technology-based solutions to further enrich the customer experience. In addition, the startup has multiplied its efforts to further expand its network of service partners, as the presence of wide-ranging partners is a prerequisite for success in the real estate sector.



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