How much does business insurance cost? What are the different types?

When you start a business, there are many different things that you need to prepare.

From hiring workers to stocking inventory, a lot goes into building a business. The process of putting it all together doesn’t happen overnight.

Despite all our planning, sometimes things are out of our control. One day you can walk into your store and find out that the sprinkler broke overnight, leaking all over the products. You could be gone one night and the next day someone breaks in and steals from your business.

Insurance is a way to have protection for those times when life takes a turn for the worse. But how much does business insurance cost? What kind do I need?

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How much does business insurance cost?

There is no exact amount that all business insurance costs. There are several factors that determine the cost of business insurance, such as the type of industry you operate in and the specific work you do, according to Andrew Hellman, Allstate’s leader of strategic integration and business insurance performance.

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