How old was Rick Astley in 1987? Evergreen singer’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ insurance ad is winning hearts online

Time seems to have barely passed for English singer Rick Astley, who recreated a popular song from the 80s in an ad. In an advertisement for AAA Auto Insurance, he can be seen singing his hit song I will never betray you. The new ad came out 35 years after the original was released.

The song was released in 1987 when Rick Astley was 21 years old. Today, the British singer is 56 years old. This effectively means that more time has passed since the song was released than the age of the singer when it was originally released.


However, the makers have tried to match the atmosphere of the new song with that of the original song. For one, Rick Astley has been seen wearing outfits similar to those he wore in 1987.

As for the setting, the ad features AAA offices instead of the ballroom, and a water cooler has replaced the bar from the original song. Meanwhile, the backup dancers are AAA employees wearing polo shirts.

The ad also took lyrics from the original song and included a list of things the insurance won’t do. These include promises not to give up, let you down, run around, abandon you, and say goodbye.

I will never betray you was released as the first single from Astley’s debut album, Whenever you need someone (1987).

Fans react to Rick Astley’s insurance ad featuring a 1987 single

Nostalgic fans took to social media to react to the ad. While some called Rick Astley “a gift to humanity”, others called the ad the best ad of the year. @CSAAInsuranceGp you wanted to make an ad that everyone would be happy about. In turn, you never gave up on the idea, making it so that you never let her down. This meant you were never running around abandoning the current project. We will never say goodbye to this ad.

I can’t believe Rick Astley just tricked me into retweeting a AAA ad

Recreating Rick Astley will never turn you down for an insurance commercial is the greatest thing ever

My Gen-X heart is so full right now. This is literally the best. On the spot! And he even makes the little shimmy! Looks good, @rickastley! And I don’t even mind the commercialization because @AAA_Travel came to me every time I needed them.

Okay, so the insurance ad aside… This is still pretty damn cool. I also love that Rick Astley embraced Rickrolling super early instead of the “Celebrities meme and piss on it” thing that a bunch of them did.…

Astley also spoke about the recreation and said in a statement:

“It was an amazing trip down memory lane. The song was so good to me and I’m thrilled to be working with another iconic brand that has certainly stood the test of time.”

The English singer-songwriter also shared the video on Twitter on the song’s 35th anniversary. At the time he wrote:

“‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ is 35 years old today! If he were human, he would be old enough to be president under US law! It really has a life of its own at this point and I just appreciate all the love, fun and laughter that surrounds it! Here’s to the next 35! Rick.”

What is the Rickroll meme?

Rick Astley’s song has been around for years and even before the ad was released. The meme, often referred to as Rickrolling or Rickroll, includes I will never betray you from Astley. It has over 1 billion views on YouTube. The song has been used as a bait and switch meme where people use a disguised hyperlink that leads to the music video.


The landing page leads to where the victim expects to go and then switches to Astley’s video. This is when one gets Rickrolled. The meme became popular in 2007 and 2008 when YouTube used it in 2008 for its April Fools event.

Astley, then returning to concerts after a 10-year hiatus, became even more popular after the meme.

Except I will never betray youRick Astley’s other popular songs include Together forever and Whenever you need someone. In addition to his music career, Astley has also worked as a radio DJ and podcaster.

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