How PCF Insurance focuses on targeted, strategic growth with agency partners

Today, we are one of the top 20 insurance brokerage companies in the US, serving more than 465,000 clients through our nearly 165 agencies* in 37 states. While our collaborative structure enables PCF to provide our clients with comprehensive services spanning commercial lines, personal lines, employee benefits and risk management solutions, our success is as much about our people as it is about the diverse capabilities that we offer.

Insurance is – and always will be – about relationships for us. From the beginning, PCF has focused our strategy and results on the ambitions and needs of our agency partners. Our business model is based on welcoming enterprising, high-performing agencies that are committed to sustainable, long-term growth. In turn, these agencies have the freedom, support and freedom to focus on growth and provide personalized service to their clients.

To ensure that PCF remains a people-first business, our management and partners came together in November 2021 to buy out our previous financial sponsor. The successful acquisition not only accelerated our growth trajectory and further differentiated us from our industry peers, it cemented our independence. The deal also ensures that only operating and investment decisions in the best interests of our agency partners will be approved today and in the future.

We have deliberately chosen a management buyout structure so that we can focus on building a long-term, successful business with our partners. Our unique structure eliminates the conflicts of interest and inconsistency that are common problems when short-term Wall Street investors and private equity firms own and control businesses.

PCF Insurance is over 75% owned by its agency partners and employee team members. The company’s share purchase program provides all team members with the opportunity to purchase the same shares as our agency partners. In addition, each active team member is eligible to participate in the company’s capital appreciation program and all owners benefit from an annual liquidity program.

Multiple levels of peer and advisory boards drive enterprise-wide decision-making and strategic input at the agency level. Plus, the size and scale of our network allows us to establish strong relationships with both regional and national carriers to implement customer-optimized strategies, competitive pricing and innovative coverage provided by our local broker service team.

Our collaborative attitude has earned PCF Insurance a reputation as the partner of choice for entrepreneurial, growth-focused agency owners because, although our partners are independent, each has a stake in the success of our organization. Our position as one of the only national insurance brokers that is truly partner-owned, partner-led and fundamentally partner-centric unites us and strategically positions us to collectively excel.

PCF Insurance’s drive to become the nation’s leading insurance broker and provider of risk management services and technologies is rooted in our three core building blocks: new partnerships, agency operations and a shared services model.

Our partnership model balances autonomy and synergy, as PCF enables agency partners to continue to operate independently while providing access to best-in-class shared services and growth resources, alleviating many of the back-office tasks. Our deep pool of national experts enables agency partners to collaborate and identify solutions with other leading agencies and frees them to focus on what they do best – serving clients and growing their business.

We believe that access to our collective talent enables all agency partners to perform at a high level, deliver annual increases in organic growth and retain clients.

The proof of our structure is in the numbers. As of 2019, when we completed six acquisitions, PCF has seen exponential growth, completing 36 acquisitions in 2000, with another 89 slated for 2021. We are on track to complete more than 100 acquisitions this year.

Together we are building a billion dollar organization and we believe we are just getting started. We’re thrilled to be ranked among the top 20 brokers in the US this year, but we’re focused on continuing to climb even higher on the list with our agency partners serving as the catalyst driving our growth.

*As of June 30, 2022 and agencies pursuant to letter of intent

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