How the blacklist crosses the line between science and science fiction

Raymond Redington pledged his request for Liz’s first working day; he didn’t even let her get her feet wet. Their relational dynamics, irritated by the writers, always asked the same question: do they share DNA, or do they want to mix DNA together? It’s a long game, lure and switch that has led to deep theories for fans like Lizzington (Red and Liz Senders) and Agnesgate (Liz and Red are Agnes’ real parents). These theories may provide food for annoying dreams, but they do little to help develop the plot as we prepare for season ten, the second season of the series without Megan Boone. Unless the writers plan to resurrect her DNA, then we should expect Liz to continue to fade into the background as a beautiful memory.

In the fourth season of Konstantin Rostov (Ulrich Thomsen), he also claims to be Elizabeth (and baby Agnes) for his own special needs. Konstantin was convinced that they shared DNA in part because, according to Red, this was what his wife, Katarina Rostova (Lot Verbeck), wanted him to believe. The fact that Constantine was dying and only the stem cells of his daughter (or granddaughter) could save him brought him out of the shadows into their lives. He was furious in his need, pulling the coils of a DNA bond to make his way. His love for his Masha was so great that he almost tortured to death the man she later considered her real father (destined for sarcasm).

Until it happens … the moment we’ve all been waiting for a decade … when Red finally grabs us by the neck, pulls us close and whispers the truth in our ears, just as he did for Constantine. The truth struck Constantine and seeped into him. Constantine sank back into his chair in shock. His desire to kill the creature before him melted away, all for a moment. What could Red tell him that changed his murder so quickly? It was as if Constantine realized that Red was someone else, someone he obviously didn’t want to kill.

Where in the world is Katarina Rostova?

The only person who could stop Constantine’s will to kill so abruptly was Katarina, his long-lost wife. Red’s confession, though unheard of by the television audience, must be that he is Catherine, the mother of Elizabeth Keane … not Raymond Reddington, perhaps Liz’s father. Redarina or “mother theory” was first proposed at the beginning of the third season. In September 2015, Daniel Knauf, then co-executive producer and screenwriter of the black listwas presented with Redarin’s theory of The blacklist is a revealed podcast and he sounded genuinely surprised, even amused by the idea, before saying, “If that’s the way it works, that would be fantastic.”

In the last decade of the black list, Raymond Redington began as “Raymond Redington” and then considered himself Ilya Koslov (Gabriel Mann), Katarina’s old friend and part-time lover. In fact, Elijah underwent plastic surgery to impersonate Raymond Redington (no one else knew he was actually dead) to help Katarina extract $ 40 million from Raymond’s bank account. Not long after Ilya’s revelation, we learned that Ilya Koslov was in fact a completely separate human being for the man we know as Raymond Reddington, and the door opened again to the possibilities of Red’s true identity.

Redarina’s theory is based on the idea that Katarina saw the possibilities for Ilya’s transformation and then decided to become Raymond Redington herself. During 2021, Season 8, Episode 21, “The Beginning,” Redarina’s theory was so irritated that many thought the theory was almost confirmed. But did Red tell the truth to Constantine, whatever I whispered in his ear? After all, it was Red’s last effort to live. Red could have told Constantine much earlier, saved his near-death experience, and still had the same results. This card is played only when there are no other options left. And it happened.

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