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The world of work is evolving rapidly, as are the types of office spaces and experiences that people want.

Residents’ expectations for secure, rich, and seamless workspace interactions have accelerated the need for digital activation and effective technology strategies in modern real estate.

Creating digitally supported buildings and spaces often requires engaging with multiple technologies and vendors to achieve the desired results. However, this can lead to a certain level of complexity, especially when done on a portfolio scale.

Using multiple vendors can lead to a variety of systems that cannot communicate and the potential for increased vulnerability to security threats. Together, these problems can create headaches for both building owners and occupants.

“Determining a seamless and successful customer experience on a technology scale is difficult when the decisions you have are not easy to replicate. For example, it would be difficult to manage five or six different suppliers in each building you own or operate. It’s becoming an operational nightmare, “said James Shannon, chief product and technology officer at essensys, the smart digital backbone for commercial real estate.

From a security standpoint, using multiple vendors can also make you vulnerable to risks and breaches. “The problem with security can have a complicating effect – the problem with the security of the landlord quickly becomes a problem with the security of its tenants, and probably a problem with reputation. The impact is tenfold or more in a large building or portfolio, “Shannon said.

Ironically, the key to implementing a complex digital activation technology infrastructure is simplicity – having the right foundation to provide an easy-to-scale system that can provide the right technology to meet the complex challenges of modern real estate.

Shannon and essensys understand these challenges well. The essensys platform eliminates the complexity of building network management to provide digitally enabled, multi-tenant and scalable office environments for landlords and flexible space providers. This allows them to offer the highest level of enterprise-class security, certified to the strictest international standards, to reduce complexity in scale and to meet the changing needs of tenants.

According to Shannon, the first step in solving problems related to network complexity is to automate many traditional IT tasks with the help of intelligent network automation. Automated processes simplify network management and monitoring and can lead to greater data and analysis, faster travel speeds and, in general, a more compelling offer for tenants.

“Intelligent network automation, unique to the essensys platform, can counteract human error,” Shannon said. “When a tenant is hired with 200 employees, he may need a private network, reservation systems and physical access, just to name a few of the digital services. The key is to automate these operational tasks. You don’t want to rely on one person to create all these users and configure these networks, because that doesn’t scale. That’s where the risk comes in. “

For example, if a landlord has a tenant who moves into a building on a certain date, he can enter tenant information along with the date of application and the essensys platform sets up their network, establishes security and removes human error from the process completely, creating a seamless experience for tenants.

“For me, it’s about how the essensys platform simplifies operational complexity,” Shannon said. “Many asset managers and landlords have not historically managed large IT teams as part of their roles. However, in today’s modern real estate landscape, they need to manage and deliver technology. Using a platform like ours allows them to simplify a very complex area of ​​their business. ”

Enabling landlords to grow with market dynamics, such as flexibility and flight to quality, and even helping achieve sustainability goals, is why essensys has served as a smart digital backbone for so many commercial real estate companies such as Industrious and Studio by Tishman Speyer.

The essensys platform revolves around the philosophy of
“connect, control and create.” The company’s global private network connects every place with secure enterprise-level connectivity. The platform’s unique intelligent network automation allows control of buildings and spaces, allowing customers to create future-ready real estate by simplifying the transformation of physical space into a digital world.

“We take a holistic approach to our clients’ portfolios,” Shannon said. “We connect their buildings and allow them to control the space and create a seamless experience for their tenants. The key aspect that makes us unique is that we provide a central point for automating the control of systems, spaces and digital services.

By comprehensively addressing these areas, the simplicity, security and scalability of smart grids ensure that landlords can effectively and strategically activate their portfolios, making their assets ready for the future for their residents in today’s fast-growing office sector.

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