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Former athletes or people who love sports and business should consider becoming sports managers. The position offers job opportunities in the world of sports, but can also be quite lucrative.

As a sports manager you can work with organizations or individual athletes. Whatever path you choose, you will want to think about job prospects, the skills you need, and the steps you need to take to become a sports manager.

What does a sports manager do?

The responsibilities of a sports manager can vary depending on the sport and the work environment. Some sports managers specialize in a specific area of ​​the industry, such as public relations, while others spend time studying multiple disciplines. All sports management positions focus on the business side of sports.

The most important job of a sports manager is to support a sports organization by ensuring that coaches and athletes have the necessary resources to succeed. Other common responsibilities of sports managers include:

  • To hold the team and the athletes responsible for the rules and regulations
  • Maintaining the team’s schedule
  • Creating social media strategies to engage the fan base
  • Promoting opportunities for team approval deals

Forecast for the work of a sports manager

Determining job prospects for sports managers can be a challenge with the wide range of jobs available in different industries. However, the entertainment and sports industry, where most sports managers work, is expected to experience huge growth over the next decade.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, sports professions are projected to grow by 22% over the next 10 years. This percentage is well above the projected growth rate of total employment of 7.7%.

Top skills for a sports manager

Although being a sports manager is a dream job for many people, there are a few traits that can help managers be successful. Here are some of the skills you will need to succeed in your new position:

  • Financial asset management
  • Organization and planning
  • Business communication
  • Leadership
  • Oral and written communication
  • Time management
  • Creativity

Steps to becoming a sports manager

Passion alone will not secure you a job as a sports manager. To achieve your goal of working for a sports organization, you will need a combination of education and experience. Certificates are also required depending on where you decide to work.

Earn a bachelor’s degree

For ambitious sports managers, the first step is to get a bachelor’s degree. While some schools offer a degree in sports management, a bachelor’s degree in business management can be just as valuable. To get the education you need to work as a manager, you will want to focus on programs that teach a wide range of classes, from finance and accounting to marketing and law.

Look for professional experience

Education alone is not always enough to find a job and run a sports team’s business. You will usually need to secure a start-up business position with a team to understand how day-to-day operations work. Once in the organization, it is quite common to gain more responsibility as your team experience increases.

Get a certificate if needed

Certificates are often a requirement for sports managers. The type of certificate you need to get will depend on the league and the location of your organization.

For example, professionals who want to work for teams in the National Football League or the National Basketball Association will need to obtain league-specific certificates. On the other hand, sports managers working in martial arts such as boxing, wrestling or mixed martial arts will need to receive a separate certificate.

Several states, including Maryland, California and Tennessee, require athletic managers to pass a test and obtain a state license. The easiest way to determine if your country requires sports managers to obtain a certificate is to contact the state professional regulatory board.

Consider an MBA program

In the competitive sports management industry, having an MBA or a master’s degree in leadership can set you apart when applying for higher-paying jobs. In the master’s program you will learn more about leadership techniques, business strategies and communication skills.

Hiring managers can also look more favorably on your application than candidates who have only a bachelor’s degree.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to be a sports manager?

In general, sports managers will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree before applying for internships. It is recommended that once a person has an internship, he or she spends three to five years in the industry before applying for a one-year or two-year master’s program.

What is the field of sports management?

Since sports managers work with athletes and athletic teams, it may seem that this is part of the sports industry, but this is not entirely true. In fact, sports management falls into the realm of business due to responsibilities including finance, marketing, general business management and business law.

Does sports management pay well?

One of the great things about working in sports management is the potential for profit. PayScale currently lists the average salary for a sports manager at $ 55,000; however, depending on the type of position you have, there are opportunities to earn higher salaries and big bonuses.

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