Huobi Tech Labs and the Chinese Communications and Transport Association, a logistics branch for investment and financing, achieve strategic cooperation to maximize synergies

HONG KONG,, June 29, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Recently, Huobi Tech Labssubsidiary of Huobi Technology Holdings Limited (Huobi Tech, exchange code: 1611.HK), has officially entered into strategic cooperation with Logistics Investment and Financial Branch of the Chinese Communications and Transportation Association (“Logistics investment and financing branch“), in which both parties will fully integrate their resources and strengths for joint research and promotion of the application and development of blockchain technologies and maximizing synergies.

Under the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement, Huobi Tech Labs will help Logistics Investment and Finance Branch implement technology deployments in a variety of application scenarios through its deep accumulation of technologies in the blockchain, Web3.0 and metauniverse infrastructure. Meanwhile, the Logistics Investment and Finance Branch, as the country’s leading non-profit industrial organization, will provide advice and assistance to Huobi Tech Labs on technology applications, especially in transportation and logistics. In addition, friendly cooperation between the two countries in the field of blockchain will be extended to multidimensional strategic cooperation, including financing, mergers and acquisitions, development of technological applications, early incubation and more.

In recent years, the integration of blockchain technology and the transportation industry has increasingly attracted the nation’s attention. On January 18, 2022The Council of State issued “Development of the Transport Network in the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025)”, which mentions that more efforts are needed to adhere to innovative development, promoting the deep integration of blockchain, the Internet, big data , artificial intelligence and other new technologies with transport, promoting the application of modern technologies and equipment and building a competitive intelligent transport system.

In order to accelerate the industrial application of new technologies, a large amount of incubation and capital support is needed. In order to implement the application of blockchain technology in the field of transport, it is necessary to renew the investment and financing method and to create a mechanism for investment and financing for new transport infrastructure, which is effectively managed by the government, market-dominated and deeply integrated. of financial and industrial capital. The strong alliance between Huobi Tech Labs and the Logistics Investment and Financing Branch will promote the integration of blockchain, Web 3.0 technology and the transport logistics industry and effectively improve the efficiency of operations in the industry.

concerning Logistics investment and financing branch

The Logistics Investment and Financing Branch (formerly the Chinese Logistics Investment and Financing Alliance) was established on November 10, 2010 as a non-profit organization jointly initiated by the China Communications and Transport Association, together with financial institutions, investment banks, venture capital, equity funds, securities, law firms, accounting firms from the country and the world. The branch is dedicated to policy advice, investment and financial advice, research, training, and setting standards in the areas of transportation, logistics and supply chain. It is committed to building a bridge between government, investment institutions and businesses and creating a platform for industrial communication and cooperation on investment and financing.

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