Hurricane property damage and insurance claim investigation

Hurricanes Ida, Laura, Delta or Zeta Insurance Claims: Who is Affected?

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Did your home, property or business sustain damage after Hurricane Ida, Laura, Delta or Zeta? An attorney can help you make sure your insurance company will compensate you fairly.

Hurricanes have caused more than $100 billion in damage to the Gulf states in the past few years. Hurricane Ida caused an estimated $95 billion in damage in 2021. Hurricane Laura was responsible for approximately $19 million in 2020 followed by Hurricane Delta ($2.9 billion); and Hurricane Zeta ($4 billion).

Filing an issue claim for hurricane damage can be confusing. Some people may not know that their insurance can cover damage to homes, cars and businesses.

Legal assistance for natural disaster insurance claims is available free of charge to property owners. Residents and business owners who suffered property damage after the hurricanes to help ensure they receive the maximum benefit possible. The deadline for Hurricane Laura is approaching in August, so time is of the essence.

are you eligible?

If your property was damaged by a hurricane, you may qualify for a free estimate on your natural disaster insurance claim. An attorney can help secure maximum payouts for other natural disaster insurance claims — at no extra cost

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Insurance companies motivated by profit

Although insurance companies advertise themselves as being there in times of need for their customers, it has been repeatedly reported that insurance companies often do not work in good faith when it comes to compensating victims of natural disasters. The insurance industry is often driven more by profit than customer satisfaction. Those affected by Ida say they often received “radio silence” from their insurance companies as they try to rebuild their lives.

Lawmakers in Louisiana complained that even four months after Hurricane Laura hit, insurance customers are still living without roofs over their homes. Lawmakers criticized the insurance industry for slow responses, low damage estimates and using drones instead of humans to assess damages. Rep. Philip Tarver, a Republican from storm-ravaged Lake Charles, told an insurance industry representative at a meeting of the House and Senate insurance committees: “We’re not asking for anything, but we feel like we’re not getting everything we paid for .”

Insurance companies impose “draconian” limits

According to the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), among the strategies used by some insurance companies is the introduction of new policy limits, but not adequately informing customers. CFA recommends contacting an attorney if claimants believe they have been misled in this regard.

“Nearly all wind-damaged homes have homeowners policies that cover wind, but insurers are continually increasing deductibles for hurricane wind coverage and imposing other, sometimes draconian, limits on homeowners insurance policies,” said J. Robert Hunter, CFA Director of Insurance.

“This cost shifting to consumers on homeowners insurance policies may surprise some, as disclosure of coverage changes is often buried in renewal documents that consumers may not understand or even read. Because so many consumers in Louisiana experienced serious claims problems after Hurricanes Katrina, we urge homeowners dealing with losses caused by Hurricane Ida to be vigilant with their insurance companies, including insurers handling National Insurance claims against floods to ensure they receive a full and fair settlement.’

Very variable

The amount you will receive to cover your damage through your hurricane insurance claim depends on several variables, including:

  • the type of policy you have
  • policy limits
  • temporary living expenses
  • the cost of restoration or repair
  • other factors

Auto insurance companies can also compensate vehicle owners for damages caused during disasters. Even if you’ve already cashed your insurance check, you may still be eligible to ask for and receive additional money if you haven’t been paid in full.

Join a hurricane insurance lawsuit investigation

Even though you’re paying for insurance coverage to protect you against losses incurred from hurricanes and natural disasters, companies often put their interests before yours. An attorney can help you make sure you get everything you’re owed if your property has been damaged by a hurricane.

If you qualify, an attorney will contact you to discuss the details of your potential case at no charge to you.

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