I am the chief physician of the state. The Roe decision threatens public health.

As a mother, I know that pregnancy can bring great joy. As a doctor, I also know that pregnancy is an important event in life and is not necessarily without complications. For many, this is easy. Not so for others. Pregnancy can bring grief, life-threatening complications or long-term health problems. Each patient has unique life circumstances.

Just as people make decisions with their providers about any course of action for their health, decisions about the course of pregnancy – including whether to become pregnant or stay pregnant – must be made by a woman with the advice of her family, her faith and her doctor. Reproductive health care should not be dictated by the politics of the day.

Dr. Natasha Baghdasaryan, Chief Medical Officer of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

The decision of the US Supreme Court to overturn a precedent for almost half a century, defending safe, legal abortion, violates the trust relationship between patient and doctor. Physicians around the world swear to “do no harm” to protect the interests of their patients while preserving their privacy; but this law will criminalize our efforts to respect the patient’s decision-making, his autonomy, and their right to make medical decisions that take into account their unique life circumstances.

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