Ian Boswell’s Unbound 200 bike: Business at the front, wide party at the back

Ian Boswell joined Unbound Gravel as a defender of the 2021 championship. His victory came after he and fellow Specialist Athlete Lawrence Ten Dam took Pete Stettin, Ted King and Colin Strickland behind the wheel. Boswell and Ten Dam swapped, stopping until the final, where Boswell crossed the final climb and stayed ahead as they began their sprint down Commercial Street. Boswell is not known for his sprinting abilities, but the ability to sprint at the end of 200 miles is a slightly different game. He averaged 928 watts in 12 seconds to overtake the Dutchman, who finished on Boswell’s bike.

During last year’s victory, Boswell – along with Ten Dam, Alison Tetrick and others – presented a retro-modern edition of Specialized Diverge. It was a design that went back to Rock Combo, a drop bike bar concept created by Specialized in the ’80s that would fit in well with today’s gravel bike crowd.

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