IHMC Summer Robotics Camp helps students nurture a love of science

If Jones Moore grows up and becomes an engineer, the IHMC may be able to take some credit.

Jones, 12, has hosted the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Knowledge at nearly every Saturday scientific session. This month, he spent his first week at Summer Robotics Camp as a rising eighth grader. He was one of nearly 40 students who spent a week learning from the best at the 2022 IHMC summer camp.

Jones says the best part of the robotics camp was building robots and coding training.

Robotics Camp is one of the IHMC’s characteristic efforts to promote the student community, which also includes science Saturdays, a science enrichment curriculum, and field trips throughout the school year. Science Saturday is a series of 90-minute sessions on key topics, including the design of computer games, robotics, amusement park trains, butterflies, chains and more. They are all aimed at educating and inspiring the next generation of scientific minds.

The robotics camp is one of the best times of the year at the IHMC. That’s when the doors open wide – and the next generation of scientists go through them. Instructor Heath Parr, whose daily job is as a high school teacher in Escambia County, taught about 40 students in grades 8 to 10 through the basics of robotics, coding and problem solving.

Dr. Ursula Schwutke is the Director of Education for the IHMC campuses in Pensacola and Ocala. She organizes Robotics Camp and the Science Saturday series, which aim to stimulate students’ love of science so that the best and brightest minds can be inspired to look for what’s next.

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