Industry vet introduces patented technology to produce low-cost heat treatment

With more than 100 years of experience in heating and cooling, Axiom Heat Treatment (AxiomHT) is dedicated to providing impactful, quality service and advanced technology to create satisfied customers.

Headquartered in Pasadena, Texas and Bakersfield, California, the company specializes in pre-heat and post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) solutions, from planning and budgeting to service planning and execution. Treatments include electrical resistance, induction and combustion, with a new, patent-pending mixed heating and cooling technology recently added to the part. Annealing (a process using hydrogen), line defrosting and post-heating are also specialties.

This new technology (the patent) is a compilation of one, two, or three of the aforementioned heat treatments—all in all, reducing setup costs and production time. It also reduces the amount of applied heat required by code to achieve the same results—meaning a reduction in equipment costs, temporary energy costs, material costs and disassembly costs by 30 percent or more.

AxiomHT’s patented technology for pressure vessels and vessel tanks consists of convection sections attached to the workpiece, or a “belt” around the vessels, or an outer skin. It reduces the total kilowatts of heat required.

The unique insulating coating helps retain and dissipate heat and provides additional benefits by reducing temporary power requirements and carbon emissions. When heat is to be applied from inside the vessel, all the same concepts and benefits apply to consumers.

AxiomHT uses an engineering solution with heat on the inside and convection panels and a cooling process on the outside. Other uses outside of PWHT are preheating and annealing for overlay welds. If there are problems with the interpass of the weld during welding, as a last resort they can turn on their cooling process to cool the metal, which keeps the welders producing.

In addition, AxiomHT has a practical and fast cooling process, which sets it apart from others. It creates a cooling method or cooling period that accelerates the temperature of the metal from a traditionally uncontrolled state of 800 to 1,200 F in less than four hours – faster if necessary by adding additional holes and/or more large cryogenic solution. Meanwhile, this time is returned to the customer 12 hours or more on PWHT.

According to AxiomHT founder and CEO Gerry McWeeney, “We also help minimize safety risks by leveraging remote monitoring capabilities, keeping labor out of hot spots during operations, as well as improving logistics by reducing the footprint. associated with taking excessive amounts of heating equipment. The new method provides cost savings for a “stalled industry,” he said.

McWeeney has an unparalleled, 40-year industry experience and repertoire in heat treatment services and engineering solutions. He has spent many years working to perfect the system.

“I started as an apprentice technician in Scotland in 1981, working on oil rigs, power stations and offshore platforms in the North Sea. My first international trip was to the Netherlands in 1985, then to the US from 1989 to 1991—when there was rapid growth in the industry for training and supervising American technicians. I returned to the Netherlands from 1992 to 1994. Then I was offered a full-time job in the US in February 1995, which led to a green card/citizenship. Since then I’ve been in the US doing shows on the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast and Midwest,” he said.

His career has also taken him around the US successfully managing heat treatment companies. Lineup includes: Chicago (1995), New Jersey (1996), California (1998-2006), Texas (2006-2018), Louisiana (2018-2020) and 2020 to date with AxiomHT.

“My successes are many. I have worked with the largest refineries, power plants, nuclear and EPC contractors on new construction LNG projects,” he said.

He added: “Axiom’s innovative method of controlling and dissipating heating and cooling through attached temporary convection sections and internal collectors, sometimes simultaneously, has opened the eyes of some industry experts.”

Industry leaders relying on AxiomHT’s services include:

  • Power generation — resistance and induction heat treatment of piping, headers, main steam lines, turbine casings, bolt and tube removal and rotor expansion
  • Refining — vessel preheating, post-weld heat treatment and weld overlay (faster production)
  • Production — heat treatment of pipe and vessel systems and temporary furnace structures
  • Piping — Phenolic curing, hot tap preheating, post weld heat treatment and induction heating
  • Chemical – heat treatment of piping, phenolic curing, heat exchangers, heaters and valves
  • LNG — preheat, post-weld heat treatment and modular heat treatment control
  • Shipbuilding — resistance and induction preheating, post-weld heat treatment and header and hull repair

More than meets the eye

The AxiomHT team has taken the time for anyone interested to lunch and learn more about how the technology works and how it improves cost and schedule without compromising the integrity of the material. Participants may take away from a session — reduced schedule benefits; improved performance; reduced losses at the pump if they buy fuel from the open market/competition and/or reduced costs of meeting contractual obligations. They can also learn about the demobilization of vessels from the job site early, reducing overhead and/or labor costs.

AxiomHT isn’t McWeeney’s only focus — he has a dual role as CEO of the independently owned and operated Energy Resource Institute, a company he started that offers training and reporting, compliance, special resources and heat treatment consulting. AxiomHT and the Energy Resources Institute go hand in hand.

Through the Heat Treatment Certification Program, participating companies are granted access to perform Gap Analysis reviews and Science of Learning courses, increasing the efficiency levels of employees and the business as a whole. Certification also includes competency assessment, technician training, supervision and project management. On top of that, training and certification are available 24/7 and are designed by industry leaders.

As for the AxiomHT, McWeeney said, “There is no competition for our heating and cooling system – a first on the market.”

“Other heat treatment companies have a relationship with the cookie cutter – a copycat. The industry has been deprived of any new technology for more than 20 years. The axiom is “the new normal.” We are the future.”

For more information, visit or call (714) 655-3205.

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