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Fort Myers, Florida, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Pendella Technologies, a fast-growing technology company that brings innovation to life, has implemented a fully digitally branded custom branded individual life insurance solution for Simploy, Inc. in record time, just after three 30-minute partnership meetings.

Simploy, a professional employer, simplifies employment for small to medium-sized businesses United States since 1989, providing HR solutions for large companies. Simploy has recently partnered with Pendella Technologies to continue its commitment to providing best-in-class benefits, technology and services to the thousands of employees it serves.

“As PEOs, we are always looking for the best benefits for people,” he said Chesy Smith, Chief Operating Officer of Simploy. “Finding a solution where we can offer coverage for certain types of benefits, such as life insurance, with minimal impact on our inner steps and minimal touch of the hand, was a change in the game.

With Pendella’s AI-powered technology with white labels, Simploy customers can expand their employee offerings to include individual life insurance – a must-have addition to any group life insurance or voluntary life insurance.

Simploy was attracted by the idea of ​​partnering with Pendella in part because of the competitive advantage of the individual life insurance platform, fully branded for Simploy and the ease of implementation.

“The process couldn’t be easier,” Smith said.

According to data from 2021 of the financial research company LIMRA, more than 8 out of 10 workers in US they would like their employer to offer life insurance. There are currently 106 million American adults in need of coverage or inadequate.

“Employer-sponsored group life insurance has never been designed to be the only source of life insurance,” he said. Bob Gaidos, CEO of Pendella Technologies. “Most group life insurance is non-portable and coverage limits are usually below the full needs of the employee,” he continued.

“We no longer have to give employees only the traditional benefits sponsored by the employer – this is not enough and our technology allows companies to easily do more,” said Gaidos.

Pendella’s solution is designed to simplify the process of providing important financial protection to employees. To demonstrate ease of implementation, Pendella has published a case study to showcase the steps Simploy has taken to launch their new individually branded life insurance solution. The case can be downloaded for free by visiting

“What PEOs are looking for when hiring a technology partner is what customers are looking for when hiring a PEO – reputation, experience, reliability and integrity to the company and the product,” they said. Pat ClearyPresident and CEO of National Association of Professional Organizations of Employers (NAPEO) and who was interviewed as part of the study.

Pendella is an associate member of NAPEO and has partnered with several PEOs over the past few months as part of its mission to fill the gap in life insurance, including Advanstaff HR, Spirit HR, Employ Source, Simploy and PEO partners.

The launch was recently completed a $ 5.2 million in Series Seed-2 financing with the support of prominent venture capital insurance companies American family businesses and MassMutual Ventures. The round of financing positions Pendella to continue with the collapse of the life insurance market.

To learn more about what Pendella’s innovative technology can do for your organization, schedule a demonstration.

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact: [email protected]

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Pendella is a technology company that exists to make the financial protection of individual life and disability insurance accessible to all people, regardless of age, health status or income level. Pendella’s complete enterprise SaaS solution is powered by artificial intelligence and big data to automate the takeover and provide a simple and intuitive experience to thousands of people through partnerships with top-rated insurance carriers and distributors. Customizing the white label allows for a seamless end-to-end experience.,

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