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GLOVERSVILLE – For the first time since 2019, Fulton County Baseball and Sports Hall of Fame will host a personal introduction ceremony on Saturday.

The ceremony is scheduled to take place at Parkhurst Field, 50 Harrison St. in Gloversville.

This year’s introductory class, originally scheduled for 2020, will include the University of Gloversville’s 1951 undefeated baseball team and its four members, who have continued to play professional baseball. These four players are Don Schoblom, Jack Sanford, Frank Rico and Joe Cobuski.

The Gloversville team from 1951 is led by Duke Miller and is 15-0-1, marking the only time in the school’s history when it has published an unbeaten season.

Players include Gene Sutterley, Shoblom, Chuck Giardino, Sanford, Dick Grinnell, Bob Richards, Dick Lefebvre, Cobusky, John Reseso, Rico, Larry DeLorey and Jim Meehan.

Shoblom was signed by the Chicago White Sox in 1954 and continued to play for the San Angelo Colts in the Appalachian League Class C and the Paul C Valley Raiders (Pols Valley, Oklahoma) in the Class C Sunner State League.

Sanford led Springfield College to the World Series in 1955. He was then signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Sanford played for Williamsport Grace (Williamsport, Pennsylvania) in the Eastern League in 1955 and 1956, before signing with the St. Louis Cardinals and directing for the Jacksonville Braves (Jacksonville, Florida) in the South Atlantic League in 1957. He then split the season. 1958, representing for the York White Roses (York, Pennsylvania) of the Eastern League and Lincoln Chiefs of the Western League in Lincoln, Heaven.

Kobuski also competed in the 1955 World Series of the College for Springfield College and was later signed by Kansas City Athletics, where he played for Savannah A (Savannah, Georgia) in the Class A South Atlantic League. In 1956 he was signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates and played for the Clinton Pirates (Clinton, Iowa) of the Midwest League.

After graduating from Gloversville in 1952, Rico was signed by the New York Yankees, where he spent the 1952 and 1953 seasons, catching Olean Yankis from the D-Class Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York League. In 1954, he divided the time between St. Joseph Saints (St. Joseph, Mo.) in the Western Class C Association and McAlester Rockets (McAlester, Okla.) In the Class D Sooner State League. In the 1956 season, he played for both the Modesto Reds (Modesto, California) in the Class C California League and the Bristol Twins (Bristol, Virginia) in the Class D Appalachian League.

In addition to the Hall of Fame ceremony, the Parkhurst Field Foundation will host Saturday’s opening ceremony in Parkhurst Field to begin its $ 3.5 million renovation project.

The ceremony will take place at 9:30 a.m. and will mark the beginning of Phase I of the project, which is due to begin in July. Phase I will involve the creation of a brand new field with grandstands from the beginning of the century, specific to the period, which will accommodate 500 spectators. The project will turn one of America’s oldest baseball fields into a destination and economic diamond for upstate New York, continuing to serve local Little League teams and tour teams across the country.

Players and board members of the Gloversville Little League, members of the Parkhurst Field Foundation and political dignitaries who have helped support the project will be on hand. All former players and families are invited to attend and have a “last catch” on the fields where they grew up.

The Hall of Fame ceremonies are scheduled to begin after the first opening ceremony of the Parkhurst Park renovation project.

The ceremonies will be attended by 1951 team members Jean Sutterley and Jack Sanford, as well as Don Schoblom’s family. Sutherley, Sanford and Tom Foster will be scheduled to accept the HOF plaques for Kobuski and Rico.

The Parkhurst Field Museum, which describes the history of the facility from 1906, will be open all day. For more information, visit or contact Mike Hauser at 518-725-5565. Those interested can also visit the pages of Parkhurst Field ”or Fulton County Baseball & Sports HOF.

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