Investing in Lumen gives businesses more opportunities at the edge

Company launches new on-demand end-to-end solution that empowers businesses to deliver incredible digital experiences and save costs

DENVER, August 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN) continues to invest in edge computing on the Lumen platform to give businesses more choice in where they can deploy applications and workloads at the edge, closer to digital interactions. Lumen now offers Lumen Edge Virtual Machines (VMs), giving businesses access to on-demand compute, storage and secure networking to run their next-generation applications at high performance and at scale. Lumen Edge VM is available on the Lumen Marketplace and integrates seamlessly with the company’s overall edge portfolio.

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  • To help businesses deliver an enhanced customer experience, Lumen provides a turnkey solution to meet the challenges of deploying and running next-generation applications.
  • Lumen Edge VM provides flexibility, value and availability. Businesses get value from access to different compute configurations and storage to support a range of application sizes, supported by management and orchestration tools.
  • The Lumen Edge VM runs on the Lumen platform supported by the Lumen optical network. Through a single vendor, businesses can get the low-latency capabilities that compute-intensive next-generation applications demand.
  • Lumen Edge VM offers flexibility of execution locations for workloads and applications at the edge. Businesses can access distributed computing services in dispersed markets, providing the availability needed to work and collaborate across extended geographic areas.

“Growing digital businesses need infrastructure that provides them with the level of computing power they need – where, when and how they need it,” said Dave Cooper, senior vice president, edge computing, Lumen Technologies. “The Lumen platform provides just that. And with Lumen Edge VM, businesses have a flexible on-demand computing solution on the Lumen platform. It delivers the power of orchestration and connectivity in hybrid IT environments, delivering a unique combination of benefits – increased flexibility and reliability, plus reduced latency, improved security and low cost.”

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  • Lumen Edge VM offers multi-tenant shared servers hosted in Lumen edge facilities for customers to create virtual machines on demand to add, update and delete workloads and applications.
  • Businesses can quickly deploy virtual machines at the edge and easily scale up or down.
  • Infrastructure and network services are fully managed by Lumen.
  • Lumen Edge VM offers support for multiple operating systems and a wide range of configurations and storage using open source technology.
  • Lumen Edge VM can be managed through Lumen Edge Orchestrator along with other Lumen edge services and public cloud services from AWS, Microsoft and Google.
  • The as-a-service solution helps enterprises reduce costs with a pay-only-for-use model across a range of computing requirements and no capital expenditure is required.

Key facts:

  • Lumen Edge Computing solutions meet 97% of US enterprise demand within 5 milliseconds of latency.
  • For an up-to-date list of Lumen edge locations, visit:
  • Lumen manages and operates one of the largest, most connected, most deeply peered networks in the world. It consists of approximately 450,000 global route miles of fiber, more than 190,000 buildings in the network and is seamlessly connected to 2,200+ public and private third-party data centers and leading public cloud service providers.

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