Is McKee’s #RIMomentum tour official or a campaign?

PROVIDENCE — At what point does Gov. Dan McKee’s “#RIMomentum tour” turn into a campaign?

Is the “tour” that began this week an effort by McKee’s team to put him in TV-ready photos for his re-election campaign?

Or is Democrat McKee simply walking the hard-to-define line between incumbency and campaigning while three of his rivals — Republican Ashley Kalus and Democrats Helena Fowlkes and Nellie Gorbea — spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on paid television advertising?

When asked, this was campaign manager Braxton Isaacs’ response to questions from the Journal: “Since these are official side events, I would direct any questions you have there.”

The response from McKee communications director Andrea Palagi: The “RIMomentum tour” is not a campaign event.

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