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LINCOLNTON – Are other secular beings walking in the rooms at the Lincoln Cultural Center? There are some who say they do. There are reports of lights on and off in the showroom, seeing a lady in a long black dress and the sounds of children playing in the green room.

These events may or may not be related to spirits or spirits or may be the result of natural events. Join Raleigh-based Ghost Guild, Inc., a non-profit organization made up of people with a love of history, science and the inexplicable. From June 24, members of the Ghost Guild will explore the Lincoln Cultural Center, seeking to recreate and / or understand and explain the strange events in the building.

Co-founder of Nelson Naus, who first exposed himself to the paranormal at a very early age in his childhood home. This experience forever changed the way he looked at the world around him. It was not until 2007 that he joined two other paranormal groups to seek answers. In 2016, Naus met Kelly McConkie and co-founded The Ghost Guild.

“We all met through other paranormal teams and decided to start our own,” Naus said. “We are all very different people, but we share a love of history, science and the inexplicable. We wanted to find a balance between them. What we feel is different with our team is that we are very serious about what we do. There are many different types of paranormal teams. We focus on paranormal research and historical conservation. We prefer to work with historical organizations. We help them engage the public by mixing the mystery of those specific places that have had inexplicable activity. “

Katie Davis, director of the Lincoln Cultural Center, approached the Ghost Guild last year to ask if they would be interested in investigating the center.

“After having a few paranormal teams, I decided it would be interesting to know their point of view,” Davis said.

Before going out on the spot, Ghost Guild members receive an assessment of the claims that have been made regarding the property and focus on them.

“We like to identify models,” he said. “We are looking at what happened and trying to see if there is another possible explanation. It’s very easy to assume that every sound you hear and everything that hits is paranormal when it’s not. There is a perfectly good explanation for this. We do not rely on many of the gadgets that are usually seen on television or used by other teams. We are more focused on the scientific side. “

Recreating what may have happened in the past can be difficult to recreate, Naus added.

“It’s not like other fields of science where you can recreate things and test them in exactly the same way every time,” he said. “Many times you have background noise. You look at places that have background noise that may appear on your recordings later and people say, “Hey, is that a voice?” Your brain is a great thing – it will make sense of what it hears, even if it has nothing to do with what is actually heard. It fills the gaps. ”

Naus will not go out and say that he was in a place that was inhabited by ghosts, but he was in places where he and his team were unable to explain what happened, such as the warship of the USS North Carolina in Wilmington. Nor will he say whether he believes in ghosts or not – that he “does not know”.

“Every time we go back to Wilmington, we try different things and we’ve failed,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. We’ve researched 40 different locations since we were formed, and I would venture to say that maybe out of those 40, 15%, there are things that made us wonder. “

If you have had events at the Cultural Center, Ghost Guild would like you to fill out an online survey, which is located at – on a schedule for 2022. Unlike other cases where a paranormal team has visited the Cultural Center, this not open to the public.

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