John W. Fox, sports writer / incredible columnist: 1925-2022

He insisted and firmly refused to deviate from the right and the right: Honesty, accuracy, integrity and professionalism at every turn, for eight decades as a major figure in sports in Broome and the surrounding counties.

His was a smooth eloquence, presenting the written word, refreshing his style and work ethic definitely above the rest. When he was present, an event became more important, certainly an increased anticipation of the upcoming printed account – the same for his regularly scheduled columns.

John W. Fox, the master in every way imaginable, performing his craft for the Press & Sun-Bulletin and his predecessors – 44½ full-time, 17½ ​​post-retirement – died on June 2 at home in Port Dickinson. He was 96 years old.

A native of Elikotville, Cataragu County, a proud graduate of the University of Syracuse and a longtime resident of Port Dickinson, Fox settled into working life in Broome County in June 1949.

“My theory was to spend three years in Binghamton, after which I would go to the big city,” he said after retiring from the full-time sports editor / columnist.

Readers were much better at his choice to make this his home, clearly through his latest column, published on June 27, 2010.

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