July Business Update: What’s New in the Poultry World?

Indical Bioscience enters into partnership with Evonik

Indical Bioscience has partnered with Evonik to develop and expand precision poultry monitoring solutions through the ScreenFloX service. The partnership aims to promote innovation in pathogen monitoring, disease prevention and animal welfare for veterinary and livestock customers. The ScreenFloX service combines Indical’s veterinary diagnostics capabilities with Evonik’s precision farming portfolio to provide analysis of herd pathogen status and greater control over all necessary actions.

Verbeek Hatchery installs 2nd Seleggt machine

Photo: Respeggt

The Dutch hatchery Verbeek’s Broederij and the German Respeggt group have been working together since October 2021 and the first Seleggt Circuit in-ovo sexing machine was installed at the Zeewolde hatchery. Seleggt technology was used to full capacity to hatch chicks with Novogen genetics and other “No Chick Weak” genetics. Now Verbeek decided to install a second Seleggt Circuit system in the same hatchery. This collaboration enables the annual hatching of more than 8 million female Respeggt laying hens, which will lay more than 2.5 billion eggs labeled “No Slaughter of Chickens”, destined mainly for the German egg market and other KAT-certified egg markets .

Aviagen partners with PAACO to enrich training for human relations auditors

Aviagen is collaborating with the Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO) on a project to help strengthen animal welfare and auditing. The project involves the creation of a series of videos featuring Aviagen animal welfare experts. These videos will be used as part of a continuing education program for PAACO certified auditors designed to help deepen their knowledge of poultry farming and the role that animal welfare plays.

EuroTier 2022 is gearing up for an event in November

Photo: Eurotier

Around 1,600 exhibitors from 55 countries are expected at this year’s EuroTier 2022 trade fair, which will take place from November 15 to 18 in Hanover, Germany. The event will cover 13 halls and about 240,000 sq.m. The technical program focuses on “Transforming Livestock”, part of which will take place as digital events starting in October.

Microalgae for improved animal nutrition

AstaReal has launched Novasta EB15, providing natural astaxanthin encapsulated in hydrogenated canola oil for animal nutrition. The product is a pure algae meal obtained from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis, which, in addition to natural astaxanthin, contains proteins, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids, as well as other carotenoids, including lutein, beta-carotene and canthaxanthin.

Noble Foods Certified Carbon Neutral Organic Brand

Photo: Purely Organic

The fastest growing brand in the Noble Foods portfolio, Purely Organic, has become the first organic egg brand in the UK to be certified Carbon Neutral by the Carbon Trust. During the project’s one-year approval, The Carbon Trust assessed the CO2 emissions produced at each of the 13 purely organic farms, including their full supply chain – from the rearing of the chickens to the disposal of the cellulose packaging by the consumer. Each farm was given a unique carbon footprint, which was mapped by measuring the consumption of various components, including feed, fuel and transport. This combined total carbon is offset by harnessing the use of wind energy. In a business-wide effort to further reduce its carbon footprint, Noble Foods is also trialling alternative food sources, including pulses grown locally on UK farms.

Partner of Tanmiah Food Company and Tyson Foods

Photo: Tanmiah Food Company / Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods and Saudi Arabia-based Tanmiah Food Company have entered into a strategic partnership agreement. The parties to the agreement are Tyson Foods and Agricultural Development Company (ADC) and Supreme Foods Processing Company (SFPC), wholly owned subsidiaries of Tanmiah. ADC operates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Through ADC, the company produces and distributes fresh produce for sale to food service providers and retailers. SFPC manufactures a variety of value-added pre-cooked chicken and beef products, with a distribution network spread across the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Jordan, among others. As part of the agreement, Tyson Foods and Tanmiah committed to invest in the expansion of SFPC’s processing capacity and will result in a doubling of Tanmiah’s production capacity in value-added products.

Zoetis expands poultry portfolio

Zoetis has expanded its poultry vaccine portfolio with the introduction of Poulvac Procerta HVT-IBD-ND, a recombinant vector vaccine that provides early protection against Marek’s, infectious bursa and Newcastle disease viruses in 1 dose. The backbone of the new trivalent vaccine is an avirulent herpesvirus of Turkey (HVT), which replicates in chickens and is reportedly a safe and effective vector for delivering essential avian antigens.

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