KoverNow unlocks market in Singapore with the launch of its B2C mobile insurance app for Android

Improved user experience and enhancements to the existing iOS app

SINGAPORE, June 20, 2022 / PRNewswire / – KoverNow, a start-up insurance company based in Singaporeannounced that its first Android app launches today, along with an improved version of the existing iOS app that provides an easy – to – use interface and services aimed at users living in Singapore.

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With an improved user interface and design aimed at Millennial’s target audience, the new KoverNow app quickly and easily provides insurance coverage for watches, jewelry, electronic devices, cameras and bags. Always intuitive, this new version breaks new ground in providing a user experience suitable for the modern lifestyle.

“Our developers have designed the app to be fast, which means users can organize, monitor and change their insurance coverage easily and quickly, whether they use Android or iOS phones,” they said. Stefan Kaiser, CEO of KoverNow. “And to suit our audience, the look and feel of the new app is more goal-oriented, without compromising on the simplicity and minimalism that characterize our original version of iOS.”

Among the new features included in the app is the dialog feature, which will allow users to contact KoverNow directly if they have questions about any aspect of their insurance policy or coverage. The new version will also introduce a charting feature that allows users to track the value of their valuables inside KoverNow ‘Vault’, whether or not these items are insured (these items can be instantly insured at the touch of a button, or coverage is just as easy to remove).

The Android version of the app, similar to the existing version of iOS, will initially offer insurance coverage through QBE Singapore, KoverNow’s main insurance partner. KoverNow is also expected to announce that new categories will be added, including pets, e-mobility and travel before the end of the year.

“The customer’s journey in our new app has also been improved to make it smoother and easier to use, reducing the number of steps customers need to take to ensure that their valuables are fully insured.” Stefan Kaiser continue. “This enhanced customer experience reflects our understanding of what users are looking for: simplicity, speed, reliability and a great in-app experience. Given the large number of Android users in Singaporewhere the app will be available, we expect a significant number of downloads. “

KoverNow aims to eliminate the complexity of purchasing and managing insurance policies. By eliminating burdensome documentation and providing an efficient digital service that allows coverage to be turned on or off when needed, the company believes it will appeal to a younger audience accustomed to managing its financial lives in real time through its smartphones.

About KoverNow

Founded in the United Kingdom in 2019, KoverNow is headquartered in Singaporefocused around its core markets in Asia-Pacific region with their large demographic base of highly educated and wealthy millennials. The company’s digitally activated insurance platform drastically improves the customer’s path to purchasing and managing various types of personal insurance by streamlining processes, speeding up renewals, approvals and claims. The KoverNow platform can achieve these efficiency gains while providing transparency, speed and value to existing ecosystems, channel partners and policyholders. KoverNow’s insurance platform provides features and functionality that reflect the changing consumer behavior of a younger demographic mix of policyholders who want control, flexibility and convenience in a truly mobile format.

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