Kyrie Irving and the Nets at a dead end; The Lakers, the Knicks, the Clippers are interested

“Isn’t it?”, “Isn’t it?”, “Isn’t it?”, “Isn’t it?”, “Will it?” The saga between Kyrie Irving and the Nets took a new turn.

Shams Charania from The Athletic:

say many sources The athlete that talks about Irving’s future were at a standstill between him and the Nets. There is currently a dead end between the parties, clearing the way for the seven-time All-Star to consider an open market, the sources said.

Lakers, Knicks and Clippers are expected to be among the interested suitors if Irving goes elsewhere, according to many sources. The athlete.

Irving has a player option of $ 36,934,550 for next season. If he wants to stay in Brooklyn but doesn’t get the long-term offer he wants from the Nets, he can lend a hand by joining. Of course, they could exchange it anywhere without his consent. But his relentless drama has drastically reduced his commercial value, and he could destroy it altogether by threatening to retire if it spreads. Irving and Brooklyn may not find common ground next year, but the election will buy Irving time – and provide a high salary for another season.

Irving can also study the free agency – realistically, before the June 29 election deadline. This would allow opportunities for inclusion and trade, which could be crucial to the landing of the Lakers or Clippers. Not only do these Los Angeles teams lack cover space, they are so far above the limit, they would have a hard time getting out of the hard cover that would be triggered by Irving’s acquisition of signing and trading. Selection and trading will not trigger a hard limit.

The team must send at least $ 29,467,640 if trading for Irving on his salary with a player option. The Lakers’ contract players, in addition to LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook, have combined to win $ 21,303,759 next season.

Los Angeles is clearly not trading with LeBron. Davis? The Lakers’ preferred goal is certainly to reunite LeBron and Irving with Davis, providing an element they never had with the Cavaliers. There is the complication of LeBron and Davis’ agent, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports, who holds power. But what it’s worth, Davis reportedly was interested in New York (though the Knicks) before coming to Los Angeles.

That leaves Westbrook. The Lakers barely have enough extra assets to unload Westbrook in a deal. The Disposal of Westbrook and acquisition of Irving? This would be difficult to endure, and perhaps only if Irving uses the threat of a team with a free room and wants to land in Los Angeles. Even then, the Lakers would have been hard on the Nets, while compensating for a team to take Westbrook. (This could be a multi-team deal with Westbrook, not necessarily reuniting with Kevin Durant.)

The Lakers can also sign and exchange some of their own free agents in addition to involving players other than LeBron, Davis and Westbrook to reach that figure of $ 29,467,640. But these free agents, apart from Malik Monk, are a weak group and every signed and changed player should agree – more complications. In addition, everyone who signs and trades must sign at least a three-year contract (although only the first season must be guaranteed).

On the other hand, the Clippers have several players with higher average salaries who could be useful in Irving’s trading: Norman Powell ($ 16,758,621), Marcus Morris ($ 16,372,093), Luke Kennard ($ 14,415,545), Robert Covington, $ 69,307,230 ) and ($ 11,215,260). But can LA lure both Irving and Brooklyn? Cowie Leonard, Paul George and Irving would make the Clippers instant favorites in the championship. Do the Nets like any of these Clippers veterans who can’t walk? Terrance Man? Los Angeles can also handle its first-round player for 2028 or 2029, along with the lower-ranked Oklahoma City in 2023 in the first round and 2025 (depending on where the Clippers, Thunder election lands). and Rockets).

Knicks have the most realistic way to open up space for hats. Or they could include whatever veterans unload to clear the sign and trade restriction space. Irving’s shot for the opponent from the crossroads would certainly be juicy. Unlike Durant, Irving said it was possible to join the Knicks instead of the Nets as a free agent three years ago.

Teams outside these largest markets may also be interested. If Irving isn’t really long for Brooklyn, chaos could ensue.

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