Lacrosse women’s coach Clarkson is retiring after 10 years

POTSDAM, New York (WWNY) – For the first time in 10 seasons, Clarkson’s women’s lacrosse program will have a new head coach when they take to the field for the 2023 season after longtime coach Ben Gable retires.

In a decade, Gable scored 86-63, making him the most profitable coach of all time in the program’s history, setting a record for wins in a season and leading the Lady Golden Knights to their first Freedom League victory of the season.

Gabel is retiring to focus more on his duties as an assistant athletic director at the school and to spend more time with his family.

“It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, to be honest. I think lacrosse is great, it really treated me well all my life, but should we move away from our players? It was a very difficult day for me to tell them that I would retire from coaching. This was very difficult for me; it’s still difficult, “Gabel said.

Gabel took on a program that has never won more than 7 games a season and made them a constant contender for first place in the Freedom League.

In 2016, the Lady of the Golden Knights set a program record of 9 consecutive victories and set her first winning record in the Freedom League game.

“I think we have had some success. When we started this trip, me and my assistants, you know, I had an assistant who has been with me for 9 years. I think the success was based only on the hard work of our athletes. It was something like our mantra. It’s a cliché to say that, but I’ve always told them that the only thing we can control every day is how hard we work so we don’t get overwhelmed. “We had some success before we started, we were never 500 and we were 500 or better 9 of my 10 years,” Gable said.

Gaebel’s success on the field was a direct result of his off-field recruitment, attracting some of the best talent from across the field to change the program’s culture and make Clarkson a destination for local athletes to pursue a career in lacrosse. college level.

“We only had some outstanding players from the Frontier League and the Northern Athletics Conference. Just to name a few who played this year, we had Riley Gunter, who was from the All-League, Sydney Roderick, All-League, General Brown and South Jeff right there. Julia Lavarnway is on our team right now, as well as a really good player starting to attack. We had Jide Beitos of IHC, Christine Wright of IHC, Kirsten Stone of Massena, Abby Johnson of Massena. We had really good local talents. “Ashley Flick from Watertown, so we really managed to take advantage of the rich lacrosse we have here in the North, and fortunately to attract some of the best players who play here to play for us,” said Gable.

Gable says he is confident that new coach Ali Burroughs, who has been his assistant for the past three seasons, will continue to build on the program’s success, adding that he will still be around to help.

“I will help a little more. I will train the goalkeepers. We have South Jeff goalkeeper Jennaka McGill ahead of us, so we’re really excited about her. So, I’m going to be around, I’m just going to help that part of him. I will not really move away from that, as the players said, but I will be around. I will be at all home matches as my new duties in the administration. I’ll be here and there for Coach Burroughs while she leaves. “I want to support her in any way I can,” Gable said.

In the afternoon baseball at the Alex Duffy Fairgrounds, Watertown Rapids hosted Booneville.

Lyme Senior and Utica College Derrick Gutremouth started for Rapids and he looked solid early.

Goutremout will kill 2 of the 3 batteries in the first. No result after half inning.

At the bottom of the 1st, 2nd out and 2 for Tyrie Bradley, who gets all this ground and hits it over the wall in the left center for 3 jacks: 3-0 Rapids.

Rapids beat Booneville 7-4.

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