Lesedi has partnered with leading international technology company Fuel Tech on technologies that enable clean energy efficiency and air pollution control

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The supply and construction engineering company (EPC) Lesedi is participating in the Enlit Africa event in Cape Town with a focus on clean air technologies for the mining and energy industries.

During the second day of the conference, Lesedi Senior Project Manager Leon van Wieck participated with Hanif Suvani, Vice President of International Operations, Fuel Tech Corporation and Pierce de Haviland, Director of Marketing and Business Development EWA, Fuel Tech, USA.

They unpacked dual flue gas conditioning technology to improve ESP (electrostatic precipitator) performance and presented several cases from Innovative Air Pollution Control (APC). The clean energy solutions offered by Fuel Tech can be adapted to different fuels and are ideal for large corporations such as Eskom, Sasol and the mining industry, with guaranteed results.

The partnership between Lesedi and Fuel Tech Corporation has more than 30 years of experience in electrostatic precipitator (ESP) in Africa. Both countries have turnkey experience in their respective markets. Lesedi and Fuel Tech can provide dual flue gas conditioning, which can be upgraded to existing ESP emission reduction applications for the new legislative standards and the National Environmental Management Act.

The partnership of Lesedi and Fuel Tech combines their extensive experience in multiple fuels with different applications, the ability to increase or decrease the application, a strong market presence and an established supply chain.

Leon van Wieck said Lesedi supplies several “best of breed” engineering products from around the world. “We are independent of technology and form strategic relationships to provide the best technical solutions to our customers. This increases the local reach for foreign entities and reduces the risks of participation for international OEMs, as we understand the local market landscape and have a deep technical understanding of the systems we are committed to. ”

“Fuel Tech is excited to partner with Lesedi in the South African market. This partnership allows local customers access to our proven world-class air pollution control technologies, such as Dual Flue Gas Conditioning, through a well-known and respected company with localized technical resources and a well-established supply chain, ”said Hanif Suvani, Vice President in International Operations, Fuel Tech Corporation.

Pierce de Haviland of Fuel Tech added that “this technology keeps coal production up to date with today’s emissions requirements. We can’t switch to renewable energy and gas technologies overnight, but that buys us time to travel through the fair energy transition. “

During the cocktail event at Lesedi’s booth, Shane Pereira (Lesedi’s Chief Business Development Officer) added that few people understand the complexity of the technologies Lesedi can offer with its partners and that Lesedi is one of the few EPC companies in South Africa with decades of experience in all sectors of industry.

Fuel Tech Technologies for clean and efficient energy include the following product offerings:

Air Pollution Control (APC)

  • Robust set of NOX solutions with low ceilings and particle control that reduce emissions from 30% to 85%
  • Global presence and brand with over 1000 installations for 30+ years of history
  • Sale of a capital project, usually with a fixed price, with turnkey options
  • Typical customers: utilities working with fossil fuels and industrial boilers
  • Benefit from the recent trend of deploying natural gas turbines in support of expanding domestic production

FUEL CHEM® (Chemical Technology)

  • The TIFI® Targeted In-Furnace Injection process ко promotes boiler efficiency, reliability and environmental condition by reducing slag, SO3, NOX, ABS, PM2.5 and CO2
  • Provides fuel flexibility: customers can burn more economical coal
  • Annuity type model with applications in the utilities and industrial sectors
  • Introduced programs for fuel aggregates and boilers for regeneration of black liquor (pulp and paper industry) in America, Europe and Asia

Dissolved gas infusion technology

  • New End Market (2018) through an exclusive licensing agreement with NanO2 LLC
  • An innovative alternative to modern aeration technologies
  • Micro- and nano-bubbles are infused into water / wastewater to optimize environmental recovery, aerobic digestion and biological treatment

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