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Are you proud to be an LGBTQ entrepreneur? Since June is a month of pride, it’s a great time to remind LGBTQ business owners that there are certificates and resources specifically designed for them.

There are 1.4 million LGBTQ businesses in the United States, and these companies generate approximately $ 1.7 trillion in revenue. But LGBTQ companies often do not receive the same resources as other companies.

Inclusion in the workplace is still a big problem for LGBTQ professionals. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, 75% have experienced negative interactions in the workplace related to their identity.

The LGBT Inclusion Center for Small Business is an online platform that helps business owners create inclusive jobs. The platform provides information on diversity and why it is important to focus on workplace inclusion. There are also guides for creating inclusive workplace practices and leadership tips for LGTBQ professionals.

The National Chamber of Commerce for Gay and Lesbians (NGLCC) – also known as the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce – is an advocacy organization and business voice of the LGBTQ community. It is also the largest certification body for LGBTQ companies.

NGLCC has 62 partner chambers nationwide and 1,702 certified LGBTQ business enterprises. There are seven branches in the Midwest; However, Kansas has not yet established membership in the NGLCC.

You can certify your business or become a corporate partner. When you certify your business with NGLCC, you open up to new business opportunities and customers. Partnering with NGLCC is a great way to diversify your vendor program.

Affinity Inc. is a quarterly print and digital magazine that focuses on the LGBTQ business community. A member of the NGLCC, Affinity’s mission is to support and promote LGBT equality in the workforce. On its pages you will find news about companies that are committed to diversity and inclusion. The magazine also provides a forum to discuss the value that the LGBTQ community adds to corporate performance.

Open for Business is a coalition of companies that are vocal supporters of the inclusion of LGBTQ. The coalition provides reports highlighting academic research, data and business reports showing that LGBTQ inclusion supports business and economic growth. The organization also focuses on local and global change creation programs.

OutProfessionals is the leading LGBTQ network organization in the country. There are monthly opportunities for virtual and personal networking and community service activities. You can join for free or become a supporting member for $ 65 a year and get access to year-round events. You can contact the organization if you are interested in starting your own mayor.

Even if your business does not qualify for LGBTQ business certification, there are many benefits to making sure you have policies that include LGBTQ when it comes to hiring and managing employees. This is good not only for employee relations, but also for the end result.

The Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to the principles of diversity, fairness and inclusion. We are always ready to help businessmen in any way we can.

This is a great day at Emporia!

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