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June is a month of pride, a time of celebration and a reminder of the ongoing struggle of the LGBTQ community for justice and equality. To support 1.4 million LGBTQ businesses in the country during Pride and year-round, Yelp has created this hub, connecting LGBTQ business owners and allies with important resources.

Below you will find stories of LGBTQ entrepreneurs who create community through their work, tools for inclusion in the workplace, funding opportunities and much more.

Attribute owned by LGBTQ
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Attribute owned by LGBTQ

Business owners can add the “LGBTQ-own” attribute to appear on their Yelp page. This free searchable attribute helps users find and support LGBTQ businesses in their communities. And for the month of June, the restaurant, food and nightlife companies that have chosen this attribute will be highlighted with rainbow map pins in Yelp.

This attribute is an inclusion-only feature, as the decision to identify as LGBTQ property must depend solely on the business.

If you are a LGBTQ-owned business and want to add the attribute to your Yelp page and appear in LGBTQ-owned search results, you can sign in with your Yelp for Business account by following these simple steps:

  1. Log in to Yelp for Business (Business Information section)
  2. In the Features section, click Add or Edit
  3. Select Yes to “LGBTQ ownership”
  4. Click Save Changes

Did you know?

  • All companies that choose the attribute owned by LGBTQ will receive a free window sticker in the mail (eligible for companies with a physical location listed in Yelp).
  • To protect companies that choose to self-identify as LGBTQ, Yelp proactively monitors hate speech against the LGBTQ + community and will remove any hateful, racist or harmful content that violates our content guidelines.
  • You can add an unlimited number of attributes to your page to help you identify your business, including Open to All, Asian property, Latinx property, black property, women property, and more. Add your selected attributes by following the same instructions as above.
  • Yelp also has a business attribute that helps consumers find companies that offer gender-neutral toilets to visitors. By March 2022, more than 351,000 companies had chosen to demonstrate this feature.
  • In 2022, Yelp joined more than 150 businesses as part of the Human Rights Campaign to condemn bills against trance and LGBTQ in Florida and Texas.
  • The Yelp community team has compiled a list of LGBTQ owners to watch across the country, from restaurants and bookstores to plant nurseries and cleaning companies.
  • To celebrate Month of Pride, the Yelp Community team hosts nationwide events with LGBTQ owners. Check the Yelp Events page and Yelp Elite calendar regularly for new events in your city.

From Yelp’s blog

Business resources

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation.
Non-discrimination policies, benefits and other practices
Queer to Stay: LGBTQ + Business Preservation Initiative (Applications will be accepted until 23:59 on August 31, 2022)

Open to all
Sign the Promise of Open to All business
Business Resources Toolkit

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC)
Certification for small businesses owned by LGBTQ

SF LGBT Center
Small Business Consulting and New Entrepreneur Training Program (SF only)

A book about lavender
The web application maps safe spaces for black LGBTQ + people

Transsexual legal center
Tools for transgender and non-gender people to tackle discrimination

Center for American Progress
What you need to know about the Equality Act

Traffic Development Project (MAP)
Why we all need the Equality Act now

The conscious consumer: Interaction with value-driven customers

RADA | Media Handbook – 11th edition

Out & Equal | Global Change Toolkit: Assessing the Inclusion of LGBTQI + in Your Workplace

Yelp | 4 ways to make your business more inclusive LGBTQ

United States Chamber of Commerce LGBT Inclusion Center for Small Business

HRC Inclusion of transgender people in the workplace: A toolkit for employers

Transgender Legal Center Pissing in Peace: A Handbook of Resources for Transgender Activists and Allies

HRC | Speaking of pronouns in the workplace

Read more about the impactful things you can do on your Yelp business page to communicate with your customers, grow your business and more.

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