Local Supply opens an art installation with portraits of celebrities Cora Barhorst

You can see some celebrities displayed on the walls of Local supply during his next trip. The faces of Frieda Kahlo, Harry Styles and Betty White are smiling at the buyers from a new art installation. The artist Cora Barhorst, also known as Bark Gallery Bcollaborates with the Mid City boutique to present a special exhibition of her well-known circular portraits.

The installation, called FLOURISH, includes a variety of portraits that are hand-picked by Barhorst and Local Supply owners Sarah Hydry and Meredith Vagespack. You will notice some influential figures from Louisiana such as Louis Armstrong, along with other southern icons such as Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton.

“Prosperity was the word I used to describe the whole collection of songs,” says Barhorst. “I was trying to figure out how they got together and what they mean to me. I really wanted to show how supporting local businesses and producers and investing in our community can do something really special and support everyone in the process. ”

Guidry says she and Waguespack have always imagined having art installations at Local Supply. There is a white wall in the shop that has been intentionally left blank so that local artists like Barhorst can show a full presentation of their work in the shop.

“We always knew we wanted to keep the wall big and white so we could have rotating artists to exhibit their work,” says Hydri. “Cora was at the top of our list. She is such an amazing human being, besides being such an amazing artist. … I just let her do her job and I didn’t know much for two months. Then everything started to fall into place. “

The shopping installation will be on display until Christmas, unless it is sold out beforehand. Some of the portraits have already been sold, but the entire display will remain on the wall for another three weeks before customers can take their painting home. Each painting also has a smaller but identical art print that can be purchased at Local Supply.

As an artist, Barhorst credited stores such as Local Supply and Sweet Baton Rouge for helping her get started. While starting his art business in college, Barhorst prepared many items for sale in emerging markets. But the pandemic quickly shut down most of its ability to sell to customers in person. Sweet Baton Rouge allowed her to sell her goods, prints and keychains during the Christmas season of 2020.

“It was a lifeline for my business because as a young man I was still in college and had invested hundreds of dollars, and then all the markets were canceled,” she says. things after Christmas and turned out phenomenal. My art was in Sweet Baton Rouge, and now in Local Supply.

Sweet Baton Rouge ordered a portrait of Dolly Parton from Barhorst, which still hangs in the store today. When Local Supply opened its doors, Barhorst created a piece of Britney Spears from leftover wall paint from the store. This painting is included in the installation, but is not sold with the rest.

The portraits included in FLOURISH vary in size and include ornaments such as crystals and pearls wrapped in a glossy resin coating that makes each painting shine. Most of the celebrities are surrounded by a background that represents them, such as Harry Styles, surrounded by the fruits of his famous songs, and Coco Chanel, surrounded by bottles of the iconic fragrance Chanel No. 5.

This installation also includes some leanings towards Local Supply, including a portrait of Kanye West, because Guidry is a big fan of the rapper. Upon completion of this project, Barhorst used more wall paint than Local Supply in green and pink to make the installation more cohesive with the store. Barhorst says she has taken extra inspiration from products sold at both Sweet Baton Rouge and Local Supply.

“They’ve always had a finger on the pulse of what people care about,” she says. “I took a lot of guidance from the goods they often carry. We wanted to do something for everyone and all age groups. ”

See the entire installation from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The local supply is 1509 Government St., Suite F.

To see more work from Barhorst, go to her art site or follow her Instagram to see some behind-the-scenes moments from the creation of FLOURISH.

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