Loveland’s Art in Public Places is launching a free Otocast Public Art Tour downtown

In addition to being known as the “sweet city,” Loveland is recognized for its public art.

From large-scale murals on buildings and smaller pieces that adorn electrical boxes to an entire park filled with sculptures of various sizes and its Love Lock and LOVE sculpture, the city is a big supporter of art for its community.

“There are 548 individual works of art on display in Loveland’s public strip, in city buildings and park facilities,” explained Suzanne Janssen, City of Loveland Public Art Manager. “Although most of the collection is sculpture, we also have a wide range of two-dimensional art.”

While visitors to the city will eventually come across the various artworks simply by wandering around downtown, the city wanted to create a more structured way for people to learn about public art.

The city recently partnered with mobile app creator Otocast to create a free guided tour of the various 3D art installations featured along 4th Street, around Foundry Plaza and within the Civic Center.

The tour takes users to 20 different locations to learn about the artwork, listen to audio interviews with the artists, and see different photos of each piece.

The tour is easy. People simply download the free Otocast app to their smartphone and search for “Loveland, CO” to start exploring.

Loveland is known as one of the best small art towns in America and hosts the largest outdoor sculpture exhibition in the country each year. (Photo: Loveland Art in Public Places)

The tour also encourages users to stop by the Rialto Theater and the Loveland Museum to see even more artwork offered by the city’s Department of Cultural Services.

In June, the city installed nine new sculptures downtown.

A group of citizens and members of the city’s Visual Arts Commission selected the nine works from 143 submissions received during a nationwide call for entries.

After two rounds of voting, the committee was able to narrow down its selection to the nine pieces, Jansen said.

The pieces were installed along 4th Street between Washington and Garfield avenues as part of The Art Advocacy Project, or TAAP. The Loan Sculpture Program was developed in 2009 to help provide additional space for outdoor sculpture displays and provide support for artists.

“The TAAP 3D outdoor sculpture display was started in 2009 as a means of displaying sculptures in city-centre beds,” Jansen said. “All the sculptures are occupied for two years by the artists, who are paid a fee for their participation. This year, we expanded the TAAP 3D display to nine locations along 4th and 5th streets in downtown Loveland.”

Photo credit Loveland Art in Public Places
Photo credit Loveland Art in Public Places

Four of the nine sculptures are by Colorado artists, she said.

The selected artists and sculptures for 2022 are:

  • “Campana” by Joe Allred
  • The Guide by Zeke Derderian
  • “Spirit Set Free” by Jody Bliss
  • “Chrystalis” by Harold Linke
  • “Crumple and Flow” by Jacob Bermuda
  • “Human Nature, Fig. #4” by Art Garcia
  • “Spinning Sun to Moon” by Mary Angers
  • “Pufferphish” by Alex Bond
  • “Dialogue” by Steve Shachtman

Art in Public Places is part of the City of Loveland’s Cultural Services Department. The department’s primary efforts are to promote and enrich the quality of community life by providing diverse cultural experiences throughout history.

Loveland's Art in Public Places program is part of the City of Loveland's Cultural Services Department.  (Photo: Loveland Art in Public Places)
Loveland’s Art in Public Places program is part of the City of Loveland’s Cultural Services Department. (Photo: Loveland Art in Public Places)

The Visual Arts Commission, which oversees the city’s arts in public spaces, sets aside 1 percent of all the city’s $50,000 capital projects to purchase artwork to add to the city’s collection. The commission also accepts works of art from private donors, provides appropriate exhibits for the collection, and maintains the collection.

“Rotating (loan) sculpture displays are a wonderful way for new sculptors to ease their way into public art competitions, especially in Colorado. There are several cities in Colorado that have similar loan programs that showcase regional talent,” Jansen said. “I would encourage everyone to take a trip to downtown Loveland to see this outstanding TAAP sculpture display, as well as all of the permanent sculptures along 4th Street and the Civic Center’s Foote Lagoon.”

The tour is scheduled to continue until May 2023.

To learn more about the tour, how to access the app, and artwork you’ll see on the tour, go to

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