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Gardening offers so many opportunities to create relaxing green spaces. Whether you have a lot of land to create large gardens or work with a small patio, a well-thought-out design can help you create useful and unique outdoor spaces.

According to Garden Media’s 2022 Garden Trends Report, people are creating “zones” for optimal use of space. There are many ways to build zones, from container plants and window boxes to carefully placed outdoor furniture – and even outdoor paintings and curtains.

Let’s first talk about landscaped beds, porches and patios in front of homes. This front area is often the first thing people see, and the attractiveness of the curb is a real thing. These areas are an important destination and an extension of our homes.

Patio areas that provide seating and outdoor decor can expand the square footage of your home, giving you more areas for fun and relaxation. You can also create seating in your landscapes with different areas and themes.

Another area could be a children’s area with play equipment such as a swing, a teterball, a sandbox and a trampoline. Why not complement them with a garden where children can enjoy the art and physical activity of gardening?

A raised bed can be a great way to allow children to grow their own plants and food. What child – or adult in this regard – does not like to dig and play with his finger? This can also be an area where children can explore nature by watching insects, earthworms, birds and other wildlife. This area provides an exit for children and a charming attraction to the landscape.

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Entertainment areas are a great addition to the landscape. Areas for outdoor lawn activities such as cornholes, side balls and horseshoes can provide play areas for both children and adults. Fireplaces with seating offer a cozy refuge in the winter, and areas that provide a break from the sun with large trees in the shade are great for gatherings in the summer.

Pollinator gardens are another great addition. Luckily for us, the plants that pollinators love to visit are some of the most beautiful we can add to our gardens. Many species of both annual and perennial flowers add beauty to the garden and attract some of nature’s most exquisite creatures.

Villa gardens just scream “weird” with their flowering plants. These gardens usually include a wide variety of flowering ornamental plants along with edible plants and herbs, all mixed together. Villa gardens are charming and often include white fences, gazebos, clay pots and delicate signs. They are a relaxing game in more traditional gardens and may tend to spill over into other aspects of the landscape, such as paths and lawns, creating a continuation of the space.

Xeriscaping is another type of green space. It is also known as a desert garden and is not often seen in Louisiana. Although it is commonly found in drier regions such as the Southwest, this does not mean that one cannot have a place in your Louisiana landscape.

This type of landscape requires little water and zero irrigation. This type of zone uses permeable gravelly earth coverings such as decomposed granite and pea gravel, combined with native plants and succulents such as agave, aloe vera, cactus and many other types of sedum. These types of areas require very little maintenance and are a sustainable option for homeowners and are friendly to our environment.

No matter what type of area you want to create, there is a plant that is ideal for that area. In addition, the containers help to expand the boundaries of your space and allow you to include most types of plants that you want to emphasize.

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