Lummus Technology launches next-generation Breech-Lock high-pressure heat exchanger

The new shut-off of the heat exchanger with shutter ensures exceptional performance and emphasizes Lummus’ commitment to delivering innovative products and services throughout the life cycle of refining facilities and the petrochemical industry

HUSTON, June 17, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Lummus Technology, a global provider of process technology and value-based solutions, has announced the launch of its Polarisshutter closure, new technological modernization applicable to high pressure heat exchanger equipment. This advanced shutter closure design provides a number of operational benefits, including safe, reliable and secure sealing in all conditions, easy installation and easy maintenance.

“The Polaris shutter heat exchanger illustrates our commitment to providing innovation and performance for customers who need new or upgraded heat exchangers,” they said. Rutger Thönisen, Chief Business Officer of Services and Supplies, Lummus Technology. “The new closure system allows for a wider range of operating conditions, increased module size and capacity and reduces switch-off time due to ease of use, while ensuring the high reliability and safety that our customers expect from Lummus.”

To visualize this technology and its benefits, Lummus will participate in a live webcast organized by Hydrocarbon processing On Tuesday, June 21, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. CDT. You can attend the webcast by registering here.

The Polaris shutter design includes two new advanced features that elevate its performance above traditional shutter closures in today’s harsh working environments. ProSeal system, new design for filling the seal, does not require an internal split ring, flange or bolts for simple production, assembly and disassembly. The load on the seal is efficiently distributed and maintained over a wider range of operating conditions. The ProSeal system additionally protects components from damage and deformation caused by installation disturbances and differential thermal expansion.

Complementing the new sealing system is ProLock closing system, an advanced fastening mechanism using a special device that is simpler and safer to operate. The design allows easy access to all threads for maintenance, lubrication and repair and significantly reduces the time of installation and removal of the closing plug.

High pressure exchangers with shutter-type or plug-in valves are used in the hydroprocessing industry, mainly for hydrocracking, hydroprocessing, lubricating oils, suspensions and residue processing. Applications include use in reactor feeders and wastewater exchangers, recycled gas exchangers, wastewater recovery and gas recovery exchangers and other applications in gas and fertilizer compression processes.

Lummus Technology has been supplying heat transfer equipment to the process and energy industries worldwide for more than 75 years. Specializing in heat transfer systems for critical technology environments, Lummus has produced industry-leading technology for heating heaters, including SRT pyrolysis furnace and heat exchangers, including HELIXCHANGERheat exchanger and LABLEX Advanced Lummus Prison Exchanger.

About Lummus Technology

Lummus Technology is a global leader in developing technological processes that make modern life possible and focus on a more sustainable, low-carbon future. Lummus is a major licensor of clean energy, petrochemical, refining, gas refining and renewable energy technologies and a supplier of catalysts, proprietary equipment, digitization and related lifecycle services to customers worldwide. To learn more about Lummus, visit

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