Lunch recitals will be held at the First Lutheran Church Fun

JOHNSTOWN, PA – Celebrate summer with music and camaraderie.

The series of recitals on Tuesday at noon will resume on July 5 at the First Lutheran Church, 415 Vine St., downtown Johnstown, and the sessions will include a program of various musical genres.

“It’s a good combination not only with different genres, but also with returning and new artists,” said George Fatman, chairman of the working group. “There is enthusiasm from the artists and they want to give people a good performance.”

Patricia Rivel will open the series of recitals on Tuesday noon on July 5 at the First Lutheran Church in downtown Johnstown.

• Johnstown-born Patricia Revel will open the series on July 5 and play the piano and sing a program of favorites of all time.

Erie, a resident of Erie, received a piano degree from Philadelphia University of the Arts and a master’s degree from Eastman School of Music.

For 30 years, she lived in Pittsburgh and led a singing and playing ministry in nursing homes throughout western Pennsylvania.

“You’ll know every song she sings and people will like her,” Fatman said.

Johnstown Brassworks

Johnstown Brassworks will perform on July 12 as part of a series of recitals on Tuesday at noon at the First Lutheran Church in downtown Johnstown.

• On July 12, Johnstown Brassworks, a quintet of music teachers playing throughout the region, will perform.

They have been participating together since 2014 in recitals, weddings and church services.

Members include Eric Pfeil, trumpet, music teacher at Greater Johnstown High School; Rebekah Stombaugh, trumpet, group director at Penn Cambria School District; Jerod Canistrazzi, Waldhorn, group director at Richland School; Joshua Brumbo, trombone, junior and senior teacher of instrumental music at Westmont Hilltop School; and Jason June, Tuba, a member of the music department at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.

The ensemble will present a program of classical, jazz and pop.

“They are well established and respected,” Fatman said. “Quality is attraction.”

Andrea Blow

Andrea Blow will perform on July 19 as part of a series of recitals on Tuesday lunch at the First Lutheran Church in downtown Johnstown.

• The concert on July 19 will feature soprano Andrea Blow, who will offer a program of art songs and arias.

Prior to moving to Taiwan to teach at an American school in Taipei, she was a professional singer and choirmaster at the Lyrics Opera in Asheville.

The Somerset resident has played at Carnegie Hall, Kimmel Center and Lincoln Center with the New York Philharmonic and the Westminster Symphony Choir.

“She has a wonderful voice and is so grateful for the opportunity,” Fatman said. “Her program will be beautiful.”

Chaz Bowers

Chaz Bowers will perform on July 26 as part of a series of recitals on Tuesday lunch at the First Lutheran Church in downtown Johnstown.

• The series will end on July 26 with organist Chaz Bowers, who teaches organ and improvisation at Seton Hill University – where he is also the coordinator of sacred music.

He has given concerts throughout the Pittsburgh region, including Heinz Chapel and St. Vincent’s Basilica.

Bowers has also given concerts in Bermuda and Notre Dame Cathedral and other churches in Paris.

His program will include traditional works and improvisation.

“It’s the first time in the series and it’s highly recommended,” Fatman said. “Attraction for someone like him is Skinner’s organ and I don’t think people realize what qualities he has. He’s 100 years old and it’s a different era and that attracts people to play him.”

Starting with the concert on July 12, light lunches will be served after each recital.

“It’s an important part of that and why we have time to combine lunch with music,” Fatman said. “It’s nice to sit down and meet the artists and talk to each other. That adds to the whole atmosphere when we have lunch again. ”

Attendance at concerts is free.

Funding for the series was provided by contributions from the Pennsylvania Arts Council.

For more information call 814-536-7521.

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