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Mary Lou was born on April 13, 1934 in New York City to Irma Wenning Schaefer and William Schaefer, at least three children.

She grew up with her sister Irma and brother Bill in Stamford, Connecticut and Clearwater, Florida. She graduated from Greenwich Academy in Connecticut and majored in art and art history at Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York. While in school, she developed a love of travel and photography and began taking photo tours in Mexico and Central America with her friend and mentor Alice Stark, even before graduating from college. Her received photos from everyday life in Guatemala were presented in National Geographic.

By her mid-20s, she had moved to Syracuse (originally huddled in an apartment with five other girls and slept on an old block-supported door) and worked for Mohawk Airlines (which was later bought by American Airlines) as a travel agent. agent at the gates and a general girl of all trades. Her radio call sign was Lucky Strike. She did every job at one time or another, minus the actual piloting of the planes.

One winter, her friend Mimi Speeno, another young firefighter, convinced her to try skiing. The two traveled to Snow Ridge, in Turin, New York, and took ski lessons from the Rapsalion Douglas Bombard of Saranac Lake. Louis and Dugo have been together ever since. Louis has long been an outstanding athlete and soon became a strong and elegant skier, eventually becoming a ski instructor and ski patrol, and teaching skiing at Snow Ridge and the Toggenburg Ski Center in Fabius, New York.

Despite (mostly economic) protests over the match from Louis’s parents, she and Dugo got married in 1961. They spent their winters skiing and their summer rides Honda motorcycles on dirty motorcycles in the hills of central New York, and also spent considerable time time in the St. Lawrence River, living aboard their boat (named Thunder). Louis’ ongoing work for the airline allowed them to travel extensively, including a honeymoon in Europe and trips to Bermuda and Hawaii, which she loved. During this time, they also adopted love for Lower Florida Keys, where Louis was on vacation as a child with his parents and siblings, and where Louis and Doug would later be snowbirds and have very dear friends.

In 1971, their daughter Tiffany was born and Louis became a parent at home, a job in which she poured out her heart. Her daughter could read and write before going to kindergarten and grew up with confidence, strength and love. Louis worked intermittently, painted houses, and also had snow removal work, clearing an ice rink on the Erie Canal. She cared for friends, horses, chickens, and dogs, was a payman for Doug’s concrete business, and became a chief gardener, creating beautiful, extensive perennial beds around their home in Manlius, New York.

In 2019, Louis and Doug moved from Manlius to Vermontville to be close to Tiffany, who had settled there, and continued to spend the winters with friends at Big Pine Key. Her gardens in her new home are also thriving and can now be seen there if you come to visit. Louis died at home from pancreatic cancer on June 8, 2022. She is survived by her nephew John Pollard (Melbourne, Florida), her niece Katie Pollard Larkin (Orange Park, Florida), her husband Doug Bombard, and her daughter Tiffany Bombard. her son-in-law Matthew Morgan, her dog Lola Bombard and many friends in many places who loved her deeply, long and well.

Funeral homes take care of the Fortune-Keough funeral home on Lake Saranac. Louis was adamant that she did not want any funeral or memorial service. She said: “Love me while I’m here.” And so it was.

Friends who wish to remember Marie Louise can make memorial contributions to The Nature Conservancy, PO Box 65, Keene Valley, NY 12943.

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