Meet the 2023 MBA class: Mitsuhiro Miyamoto, IESE Business School

“A coffee lover who cares about sustainability, technology and coffee.”

Hometown: Yokohama, Japan

Fun fact about yourself: I will become a father in March 2022!

Bachelor’s school and specialty: Meiji University, majoring in Information and Communication

Most recent employer and position: Panasonic Industry Europe, Senior Strategic Planning Specialist

What makes the case method so appealing as a means to learn and become a better manager? The core of the case method is that it is always open and thus the decision depends on the individuals. Each of us must make a decision as the protagonist of business cases. This is a great opportunity for us to think holistically and critically and make a decision based on your own analysis. We can also learn different approaches and justifications from our diverse group of peers, which makes us broaden our horizons.

What has been your favorite part of Barcelona so far? What made it such a great place to get an MBA? I think the majority of students – myself included – find the time and food the city has to offer particularly appealing. Great weather and food also make us more inclined to explore the city and connect with people.

In addition to your classmates and location, What was the key part of the IESE Business School MBA programming that made you choose this business school and why was it so important to you? The support system offered by IESE. I really felt that IESE was the most supportive school I thought I was. The MBA Admissions Team spent time with me and answered all the questions I had. The alumni I approached were also really engaged and helpful. I contacted more than 20 alumni and most of them responded quickly and took the time to help me. Most importantly, they all really enjoyed their time at IESE.

Which course, club or activity did you like the most at IESE? I enjoyed several club activities, especially those organized by the Responsible Business Club and the Startup and Entrepreneurship Club.

I am the director of the Responsible Business Club for the first year and I am currently organizing our annual sustainability conference called “We do good, you do good”, which will be held on March 1 and 2, 2022 (boys, block your schedule, please! ) a great experience for working together with like-minded people from different cultures.

With the Startup and Entrepreneurship Club I had to present my business idea and it was great to get feedback, support and interest.

Describe your greatest career achievement so far: It was when I was leading the implementation of a CRM tool (Salesforce) in a division of 120 people. It was certainly a challenge because I was not familiar with Salesforce or the process and culture of the department when I started working at that time. But I quickly learned, built relationships with colleagues and management, provided training and further developed the tool based on user feedback. It was challenging, but also a lot of fun, and it made me think about moving to the role of product manager in a technology company.

Describe your greatest achievement as an MBA student so far: I need to know a lot of interesting people! There are many things I would like to achieve during my MBA … I am currently planning a social counseling project to start coffee distribution, the IESE Doing Good Doing Well conference, and my business idea as I prepare to give birth. baby. Everything is happening during the second term, so I’m curious what I would say is my greatest achievement since the end of this term!

What advice would you give to help potential applicants gain admission to the IESE MBA program? I believe that the most important thing is to know yourself and then see if the IESE MBA offers what you want. Once you understand all this, you will be able to tell more compelling stories in your essays and interviews. Talking to the director of admissions, alumni and current students is also key and has helped me a lot.

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