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Created from scratch, Fly Trap has opened its doors to be more than just a store for the East Texas community.

The business has a mission to ensure unity in the area, to be a platform for local minority businesses and an art center for artists.

What began as an assisting partnership between the co-owners of Fly Trap, Sky Singleton and Kianna Garcia, eventually grew, and the need to open a physical store was a must to start a business.

Business owners Fly Trap, right, Sky Singleton and Kianna Garcia, pose with custom hand-painted shoes.

“She had to help me get some of my orders and it didn’t happen that way. We both saw our vision, and it got too big for us to work from her house to my house, so we said, “Let’s get a store,” Singleton said.

What does Fly Trap sell? Singleton and Garcia said there was no specific item in the store to focus on and customers could ask for anything that would allow the paint to stick.

The fly trap

The shoe is undergoing a restoration process, which will allow the item to regain a completely new look.

Customers can request hand-painted clothes, canvas, shoes, objects, walls, digital art customization, and shoe restoration, which Singleton says is really popular for the store right now.

“At the moment, recovery is a really big thing for us. There are many sneakers (people who love shoes) in the Tyler and East Texas area. When you pay $ 200 or $ 300 for shoes, you don’t want to throw them away because they may be dirty, scratched or torn. You bring them to us and we clean them. “We can remove the oxide, which is yellowing of the shoes, matching the color, so if there is no big stain, clean all sorts of things,” she said.

The fly trap

A graphic design T-shirt with the Fly Trap business logo hangs inside the store so customers can buy.

Singleton is a resident of Tyler and has her own shoe customization business for a while, called SkyKickz Custom, where she hand-paints objects and shoes. She then met Garcia, a new East Texas resident who moved to the area from California a year ago.

They are both artists and have always been on the creative side since they were little, they said. Singleton and Garcia said they did very quickly because they both have a passion for art and have decided to build a business partnership.

The fly trap

Hand-painted and airbrushed canvases hang on the wall in the Fly Trap business. Business owners Singleton and Garcia welcome artists to bring their canvases and hang them to showcase their artistic skills.

The flycatcher came to life within two weeks, Singleton said.

“It’s an American dream,” she said. We said, “Let’s do this, we have the money, let’s invest it and do everything ourselves.”

Once the space was provided, they both began work to unite the store by hand-painting the walls and even the floors, Singleton said.

Now that Fly Trap has come to life, they are both able to combine their unique artistic skills and provide more to customers.

“We have our own styles, so they came together where we had more to offer everyone,” Garcia said.

The fly trap

Business owners Fly Trap, left, Sky Singleton and Kianna Garcia, are painting hand-customized shoes for a client. The business not only customizes the shoes, but can hand-paint any item such as clothes, canvas, and can also restore shoes and create graphic designs.

Garcia considers his style of drawing to be realistic, and Singleton is below the animated side, but both forms are delivered by hand.

“I love the imperfections of hand-painting because it’s not like a perfect straight line. “You’ll see the brushstroke, you’ll see it painted by hand,” Singleton said.

Singleton said Fly Trap’s mission is not only to showcase their own talent, but also to focus on other businesses and artists in the community.

“Not everything here is ours, we are actually promoting local minority businesses,” she said. “We are really trying to create a culture and a safe space for other minorities so that they can import their products and sell them.

“We want to give them a platform so they can expand their business. We want to see everyone eat, “Garcia added.

Given the unity, Singleton said he hoped the store would create a way out for the minority community and show the need to stay together.

“We are here, we are local property and we give the opportunity to other people and we want to enter the community and do what we can. “We want to give back, move forward and build the minority community in a positive way,” she said.

Other companies currently appearing in the store are all from the East Texas minorities, Singleton said.

Itsthebeads4me, a local jewelry store, Longview Emotional Club, Get Scented Candles, Narco Nails and J Smith perfume and bags are the names of the companies that customers can find in the store.

Singleton also mentioned that as a goal to be an outlet for others and an “open space” for the community, she invites artists to bring their art to the store to help with their business or even help showcase their talent.

The artistic duo mentioned that the community can expect a lot from the artistic outcome.

“We’re actually hosting an urban fashion show that offers urban streetwear, it’s going to be really great,” Singleton said.

Garcia mentioned that during the upcoming events you can also expect spotlights for local performers and musicians as a way to spread their music.

Singleton also mentioned that there is an upcoming Kickz4Kidz project that will serve children, especially when they return to school, which will allow them to have personalized and restored shoes at an affordable price.

Fly Trap currently has a two-week run time for custom items, and the base price for the shoes currently starts at $ 175. The price between the items depends on the added assets and the amount of customization that the customer would like.

To place orders and ask questions about personalized items, you can find the business at 10554 State Highway 64 in Tyler and under @theflytrapclothingstore on Facebook.

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