NaaS Technology Inc. cooperated with Li Auto to provide new smart charging services

BEIJING, July 29 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NaaS Technology Inc . (NASDAQ: NAAS“NaaS” or the “Company”), a leading provider of electric vehicle (“EV”) charging services in Chinaand Li Auto Inc. (“Li Auto”), a leader in of China the new energy vehicle market, recently reached an agreement in which both parties will use their respective capabilities to launch a new smart charging navigation system, allowing EV owners to more easily find chargers and recharge their EVs. The service is expected to become available in the third quarter of this year.

“Being digital and smart makes it possible to rapidly improve the charging experience for EV drivers,” says Liang SinVP Operations, NaaS. “NaaS empowers its partners with strong digital capabilities and a comprehensive network to build the charging service ecosystem of the future and enable the entire industry value chain to operate more efficiently while creating more convenient and more a good EV charging experience for drivers.”

Under the agreement, NaaS will connect its national digital charging network to Li Auto’s charging navigation system, allowing L9 drivers to use in-car maps or the Li Auto app to find partner charging stations. Energy delivery is now one of the most pressing issues for EV drivers, and the collaboration provides an excellent addition to Li Auto’s energy delivery services.

Like of China As the EV market continues its accelerated growth path, Li Auto has become one of the leading domestic car manufacturers with a focus on technical innovation. On 1 June, the company announced that it shipped 11,496 units of Li ONE in May, an annual increase of 165.9%. On June 21The automaker launched its new smart flagship SUV for families, the Li L9, joining the 3D era with 5 touchscreen displays capable of interacting with smartphones, computers, TVs, tablets and in-car infotainment (IVI) systems.

Chargers are an integral part of the support structure for the EV sector, and the charging experience is a key consideration for drivers considering purchasing an EV. By the end of 2021, NaaS has connected 290,000 charging piles in 288 cities across the country, further improving the charging network for OEMs and optimizing the charging experience.

As one of the largest and fastest growing renewable energy service providers in ChinaNaaS provides a wide range of one-stop solutions for charger manufacturers, operators, EV OEMs and other industry players to make energy delivery more efficient by implementing digital technologies throughout the industry chain.

In 2021, NaaS delivered 55 million charges, with a total of 1,233 gigawatt hours charged through the NaaS network, accounting for 18% of China’s public charging market for the year. On June 13NaaS was listed on the Nasdaq, becoming of China the first publicly listed charging service provider.

About NaaS Technology Inc.

NaaS Technology Inc. (“NaaS” or the “Company”) is one of the largest and fastest growing providers of electric vehicle (“EV”) charging services in China. The company is a subsidiary of NewLink, a leading energy digitization group in China. NaaS offers a comprehensive one-stop service for charger manufacturers and operators, OEMs, domestic delivery fleets as well as fleet operators, with online, offline and non-electrical services covering the entire EV industry value chain. As of the end of 2021, NaaS has connected over 290,000 load piles. In 2021, a total of 1,233 gigawatt hours were billed through the NaaS network, representing approximately 18% of of China public market to charge and reduce carbon emissions by 900,000 tonnes June 13, 2022NaaS Technology Inc. was officially listed on NASDAQ under the ticker NAAS.

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