NeoLight acquires first-of-its-kind musical pacifier technology for premature babies

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NeoLight has signed an agreement to acquire the Pacifier Activated Lullaby (PAL®) system from Powers Medical Inc., a US-based medical technology company that focuses on music therapy in the newborn infant market. This acquisition strengthens NeoLight’s neonatal portfolio by introducing a solution to two growing problems in newborn care; Non-nutritive sucking (NNS) and neonatal abstinence syndrome (drug-addicted babies).

The PAL system encourages and reinforces effective non-nutritive sucking in preterm infants. This is achieved by giving the baby positive feedback in the form of music or mother’s voice as an auditory cue in direct response to sucking.

Non-nutritive sucking in general has significant benefits for infants – studies have shown that it reduces the time it takes for babies to transition from tube or oral feeding and from the initiation of oral feeding to full oral feeding. It also reduces the length of hospital stay. In a recent randomized clinical trial conducted at Vanderbiltfound that premature babies who received interventional therapy combined with their mother’s voice with the PAL system were able to have their feeding tubes removed a full week earlier, were able to consume twice as much milk, had had a significantly shorter hospital stay than infants who did not receive the intervention.

“Powers has already sold the device to the top 50 children’s hospitals in the US. UCLA recently posted their great experience with the PAL system and how it has helped their patients improve. It is an honor to implement an innovative technology like the PAL System from 50 to 2,700 hospitals across the country,” said Vivek Coppartyco-founder and executive chairman of NeoLight.

“The acquisition of the PAL system reaffirms our commitment to the newborn care industry and fits perfectly with our portfolio of cutting-edge innovations for the space.” Aric Anderson saidCEO of NeoLight.

“Given our NICU focus and 90-country reach, we are excited to roll out the PAL product as quickly as possible globally to continue our efforts to provide innovative healthcare to babies around the world.” MaryBeth Smith saidchief commercial officer of NeoLight.

“I am excited about the future of the PAL System with NeoLight and their extensive commercial opportunities, and I am proud of the innovative work that Powers Medical has done in creating and demonstrating the tremendous capabilities of the PAL System to help these babies who need our care .” Patricia D. PalmerCEO of Powers Medical

NeoLight is a medical device company developing empathy-driven, best-in-class technologies to treat preventable conditions in the neonatal care market. Empathy-led decisions are a framework centered on the doctor-nurse-mother-baby ecosystem. It encourages the emotional connection that occurs, thereby providing not only treatment but also caregiving. By taking neonatal care beyond the traditional hospital setting, NeoLight is also creating a robust domestic market for treating neonatal conditions at home. To learn more, visit and follow us TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.

Powers Device Technologies, Inc., a Floridabased medical device company, develops therapeutic and diagnostic sensory feedback products to address the nutritional and distress tolerance (soothing) needs of premature, full-term and critically ill infants.

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