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The Net Zero Technology Center (NZTC) has announced the launch of its Net Zero technology services business.

The new offering will provide the energy industry and investors with insights and forecasts on current and emerging net zero technologies, helping organizations use technology to navigate and accelerate their journey to net zero.

NZTC was established in 2017 as part of the Aberdeen City Region Agreement (ACRD), with £180 million from the UK and Scottish Governments, to be the primary technology hub for the North Sea energy industry. Since its inception, the Center has been at the forefront of technological development and deployment, securing its reputation as a visionary and pioneer in disruptive innovation. The strategy to establish an independent commercial business, without ACRD funding, builds on the extensive success of the Center and provides an additional source of funding for NZTC’s overall innovation activities.

The launch introduces two new solutions, technology planning and technology due diligence. The technology roadmapping solution provides organizations with high-carbon installations and assets with unparalleled insight and forecasting of proven, emerging and future technologies in zero-emissions power, zero routine combustion, venting and fugitive emissions. It identifies which innovative technologies can be adopted and implemented in assets to help achieve decarbonisation targets.

Technology due diligence provides information to help investors make better technology investment decisions; establishing the legitimacy of the technology, its true level of technological readiness, gaps in readiness and scalability, and how much can be invested.

The new solutions are already being actively used by industry and investors, with several successful pilot projects underway and technology due diligence scopes delivered.

“This is an exciting time for NZTC as we expand our offering and capabilities with the launch of Net Zero Technology Services and related solutions. We respond to market demand with organizations that want specific information on technological innovation. For industry, decarbonisation operations and understanding the viability and readiness of the technology are complex. We break down that complexity by helping asset owners take advantage of technology and investors take the guesswork and risk out of their next technology investment. We are steeped in innovation and technology trends, and with that we bring unparalleled insights,” said Luca Corradi, Director of Net Zero Technology Services.

“Today’s launch is a significant achievement for NZTC as we evolve our strategy and operating model to encompass a much broader service offering.” Providing organizations with information that will be invaluable to their operations and investment decisions, our new technology services business builds on the extensive expertise that NZTC has developed and refined over the past five years,” added Colette Cohen, CEO of Net Zero Technology Centre.

“The Net Zero Technology Center plays an important role in the transition to an affordable net zero energy industry. Today’s launch marks an important milestone in the centre’s development, reflecting its growing reputation and connections in the energy sector. This demonstrates the potential for NZTC to continue to make an impact beyond the Aberdeen City Region deal, which saw it receive £90m of investment from the Scottish Government,” said Scottish Government Business Secretary Ivan McKee.

“It has been fantastic to see innovative and affordable technology solutions developed and implemented by the Net Zero Technology Center over the past five years that take us one step closer to delivering a net zero economy. The launch of these new services demonstrates the importance of the UK Government’s £90 million investment to accelerate the energy transition, while delivering new jobs to the region in the long term,” concluded UK Government Secretary for Scotland David Duguid.

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