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From Lazlo

originally published: 04/07/2022

Lazlo, founder of (an online station based around New Jersey artists), shines a light on some of the many new releases by New Jersey-based musicians each week with this column. This week Lazlo looks at releases by Chris Tiedemann, Deviant Youth, Sammy Kay, Well Wisher, Classic Traffic and Driving Underwater.

Chris Tiedemann – “Small Secrets” – Psst… let me tell you a little secret… Chris Tiedemann has created an epic rock album that you need to check out right now. Why? Because all 12 songs on this album are amazing and diverse sounding. I love this album!

tara, just tara – “graduation day” – Folk-punk/poet Tara, simply Tara, gives us seven songs and one spoken word piece on her new album that feels intimate, like reading her diary.

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Donnie Ahrens – “Early Maps of the World” – Donnie Aarons’ latest album is full of mellow to mid-tempo synth-pop with a slightly ethereal feel and a sound that would be just as at home in the ’80s as it is today.

Deviant Youth – “A Promise I Can’t Keep” [single] and “The Art of Letting Go” [single] – Two new singles from Deviant Youth showcase different styles of emo-pop-punk rock. “A Promise I Can’t Keep” is an excellent emo-rock track that starts with an acoustic and builds to its full band crescendo, while “The Art Of Letting Go” sounds like it would fit well alongside any of Blink- 182’s more melancholic songs (eg “Adam’s Song”).

Sammy Kay – “Aid & Abet – Single to Benefit WHO OHIO” – Folk-punk Sammy Kay returns with two new songs, one a contemplative original ‘letter to my former self’, the other a cover of Bad Religion’s ‘don’t pray on me’, really letting the lyrics shine with his acoustic , but no less intense, transmission. Those two songs alone are a great reason to buy Aid & Abet, but knowing that 100% of the proceeds go to Women Have Options Ohio, “to support and promote abortion in the state of Ohio,” makes this great music for great cause.

Well Wisher – “Need You Around” [single] – “Need You Around” is a perfectly crafted pop-alt-rock song. It’s endlessly catchy and upbeat, while lyrically, according to the band’s own statement on the single, it’s about “fragility and needing the love of others.” This is the first single from their upcoming album “That Weight”, which will be released on September 16th.

Classic Traffic – “Classic Traffic” – No, not a Traffic tribute band, Classic Traffic is beautiful power pop! Any one of the 8 songs on this album could be a hit single. I hope to hear more from these guys soon if they can continue to use a certain music store’s return policy to their advantage (see the notes on their Bandcamp page). It’s also a reminder that if you like an artist’s music, buy it to support them so they can keep making their music without having to “game the system.”

Driving Under Water – “One Way Talks” – One Sided Conversations can be frustrating, especially for the listener, but Driving Underwater’s One Sided Conversations is an emo/indie rock album that’s well worth a listen.

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That’s it for this week.

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