New study shows urolithin A (Mitopure®) improves mitochondrial health, reduces joint cartilage damage and relieves osteoarthritis pain

LAUSANNE, Switzerland and SAN FRANCISCO-(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amazentis, a spin-out of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), a pioneer in scientific discovery in cellular health and nutrition, announced today that the peer-reviewed journal Senescent cell published new preclinical results showing the joint health benefits of postbiotic urolithin A (UA) on the gut microbiome. This is the first time a compound has been shown to improve mitochondrial health in an experimental model of osteoarthritis (OA).

This study showed that treatment with Amazentis’ patented Urolithin A, Mitopure, significantly improved mitochondrial health in human cartilage cells taken from both healthy and OA knee joints. And it showed that Mitopure supplementation for eight weeks protected against osteoarthritis disease progression in an experimental model.

These findings highlight the benefits of Mitopure for joint and mitochondrial health. Mitopure works by supporting cells’ ability to renew their powerhouses, the mitochondria, during the aging process. This change is associated with age-related problems in various tissues, including osteoarthritis.

Previous research has shown that Mitopure can improve mitochondrial health and muscle function in both older and middle-aged people. This new paper extends these benefits to cells in key joints such as the knee. Osteoarthritis is the most common age-related joint disease, characterized by the breakdown of cartilage and other tissues, severe pain and impaired mobility.

“Currently, there are no effective treatment solutions for osteoarthritis, a condition that is painful and limits the mobility of hundreds of millions of elderly people worldwide. We tested urolithin A in preclinical models of osteoarthritis and showed that it has the potential to both reduce inflammation and improve mitochondrial health, suggesting that it may be a promising solution for maintaining joint health and quality of life during aging ,” said Dr. Martin Lotz, lead author of the paper and professor of molecular medicine at Scripps Research in California, USA.

“This study is important and exciting because it shows, for the first time, that Urolitin A can improve mitochondrial health in living joint tissues,” said David D’Amico, first author of the paper and head of the R&D Group with Amazentis. “It highlights the important role of mitophagy in maintaining healthy functioning joints throughout life.”

In this study, Mitopure showed two key beneficial effects on cartilage cells from both healthy donors and OA patients:

  • It significantly induced the recycling of old and damaged mitochondria (mitophagy) as assessed by imaging and molecular biology analyses.

  • It significantly increases mitochondrial activity, measured as mitochondrial respiration, i.e. the ability of these organelles to consume oxygen and produce energy for our cells.

The second part of the study focused on the effect of Mitopure supplementation for 2 months on an experimental preclinical model of osteoarthritis. This model mimics the same symptoms experienced by people suffering from osteoarthritis ie. progressive cartilage damage, increased pain and inflammation.

  • An analysis of knee joint sections by a pathologist showed that Mitopure supplementation reduced the breakdown of joint tissue.

  • Mitopure supplementation also reduces leg pain associated with OA and exerts a mild anti-inflammatory effect on the disease model.

  • Finally, better joint health after Mitopure administration is associated with significantly improved mitochondrial health, including higher rates of removal of worn-out mitochondria (mitophagy) and increased regeneration of new, functional mitochondria.

“It has been great to collaborate with Scripps Research to expand the body of evidence for the health applications of urolithin A for joint health. It is exciting to see a compound and mechanism of action that benefits both muscles and joints. We remain committed to delivering products that are clinically proven to have a significant impact on people’s health,” said Chris Rinsch, CEO and co-founder of Amazentis.

The new results are significant because they add to the growing evidence of Mitopure’s benefits in age-related diseases. Recent studies have shown that Mitopure can improve mitochondrial health and counteract age-related decline in muscle function in both healthy adults and overweight middle-aged individuals. Together, the latest research supports the combined beneficial effects of urolithin A on both muscles and joints.

Two: 10.1111 / acel.13662

About Amazonis

Amazentis is an innovative life sciences company using today’s leading research and clinical sciences to develop the next generation of products targeting mitochondrial health for advanced nutrition. Amazentis has already published its research on Mitopure® Urolithin A in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals including Natural medicine (doi: 10.1038/nm.4132), Metabolism of nature (doi: 10.1038/s42255-019-0073-4), JAMA Network Open (doi: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2021.44279), Cell Reports Medicine (Doi: 10.1016/j.xcrm.2022.100633) and European Journal of Clinical Nutrition ( The company has a global strategic partnership with Nestlé Health Science to expand the healthcare applications of Mitopure® related to mitochondrial and cellular health. For more information about Amazentis, please visit

About Mitopure®

Mitopure® is an extremely pure form of urolithin A; a bioactive dietary metabolite that is produced by gut bacteria after eating certain foods, such as pomegranate, although it is difficult for most people to get enough of this specialized nutrient from food alone. Mitopure® has been shown to improve mitochondrial function by stimulating mitophagy, a process by which aging and damaged mitochondria are cleared from the cell, making way for the growth of healthy mitochondria. Mitopure® has been positively evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is considered safe after GRAS (generally recognized as safe) submission. Mitopure® has been extensively evaluated preclinically and clinically to support its use in humans as a dietary supplement. For more information, please visit

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Timeline® is brought to you by the inventors of Mitopure®. This new, science-first nutritional brand was developed by Amazentis with the belief that uncompromising research can unlock a new class of clinically validated nutritional products to optimize cellular health. For more information, please visit

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