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Nice Filler patented technology called Cronogard to extend the shelf life and preserve the quality and freshness of food. It is an innovative system that introduces functional molecules into packaging materials anchored on inorganic surfaces to protect food in a controlled manner.

Cronogard is an additive based on an edible and biocompatible compound developed for plastic, biopolymer, cardboard and aluminum packaging. It reduces the formation of biofilms by inhibiting the growth of microbes responsible for organoleptic deterioration inside the packages, while ensuring protection. In addition, it reduces the permeability of the packaging as it acts as a barrier. A biofilm is a viscous film made of yeast, bacteria, and organic polymers that adheres to the walls of any material, allowing microbial colonization and proliferation.

“Fruits and vegetables are also compatible. The inclusion of the Cronogard additive also improves mechanical, thermal and barrier properties. Normal packaging has much higher concentrations of microorganisms than Cronograd. The growth of Pseudomonas and E. coli in Cronogard is much lower than the reference. The former shows a significant difference after 30-45 days, while in the latter the bacteria decline after 72 hours.”

“Cronogard is a family of products suitable for specific food categories. To enable the application of Cronogard technology, Nice Filler provides, depending on the type of food to be preserved, specific Masterbatches for each polymer and coating varnishes.”

Cronogard boasts numerous innovative advantages:

  • The protective effect remains effective when the temperature rises (also protects against sudden temperature changes).
  • It enables wider distribution, opening up new markets for fresh and perishable products (eg fresh-cut produce, berries, mozzarella, etc.).
  • Extends the shelf life of foods, preserving their intrinsic qualities and organoleptic and nutritional qualities.
  • Helps reduce the use of preservatives.
  • It is environmentally friendly thanks to the type of packaging materials it is applied to.
  • Significantly reduces food waste.

The growing demand for ready-to-eat foods, the globalization of trade and distribution from centralized processing facilities creates the need to continue to ensure and enhance food safety and quality. With this in mind, the concept of total food quality is becoming increasingly popular, including not only raw materials and process technology, but also packaging.

Therefore, it is necessary to solve various problems such as:

  1. Respect for the environment: the global food packaging industry is looking for sustainable solutions that use recyclable, compostable and environmentally friendly materials.
  2. Food safety: the past few years have seen a significant increase in some dangerous foodborne infections (Campylobacter, Salmonella, Listeria, Escherichia Coli), and products that guarantee better protection are needed.
  3. Food waste: 931 million tonnes of food is wasted each year (FAO 2021). To combat this problem, innovative packaging that extends the shelf life of food is needed.

Nice Filler holds three patents: the first for the filler granted in July 2018 (n. WO 2013060738); the second for the filler application in September 2019 (No. WO2010 016034); and the third for the technology applied to paper and paperboard received in February 2022 (n. WO2022029022A1).

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