NFL 2022 Returns Candidates: Alan Robinson Leads Five Veterans Who Could Survive Revival

The gray-haired veterans return to their previous star form – this doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s a huge boost for any team. Which players who worked in difficult, relatively unproductive seasons in 2021 are ready to recover in a big way in the upcoming season?

Before I started, I didn’t include players who were just injured for most or most of 2021. That would have been a little worse.

For example, Christian McCafrey, Khalil Mack, Za’Darius Smith – and others severely limited by last year’s injury – were not included. Okay, let’s move on to my list.

Robinson played in 12 races before the season. Three were missed due to a hamstring injury, two due to COVID-19, but the break for Robinson may be due to fatigue from the hard years spent with bad quarterbacks. Arob crossed over 100 catches and 1,200 yards with Mitchell Trubischi in 2020 – a bit of a miracle – but the combination of Andy Dalton, Nick Falls and rookie Justin Fields was too tough for bear.

Now, like his new quarterback, Robinson is migrating from NFC North to the bright lights of Los Angeles to pair with Matthew Stafford and the alpha broad Cooper Cup in Sean McVeigh’s meticulously drawn attack, a scheme that ended only outside the Football offensive. Outsiders DVOA once in the last five seasons.

In the spectrum of talent, Robinson is legally close to the top in the NFL. Exactly about 6 feet 3 and 220 pounds, he is a flexible runner on the route, exudes confidence in disputed catch scenarios and is a fraudulent weapon after the catch. Without all the attention to him and most importantly, with arguably the best quarterback he has ever played on a collegial or professional level, the stars have finally lined up to get Robinson highlighted to nth degree in 2022.

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I hardly included Landry in this piece because I think he lost a step or two and entered the league as a lower-level athlete for the successor position. However, choosing Chris Olav from the first round could really extend Landry’s career and make him a more viable weapon in his first season in Louisiana after college.

At its best, Landry is the best receiver below. Not the fastest, not the fastest, but probably the dirtiest with unexpectedly strong skills after the catch and, of course, a huge catch radius – the guy has over 10-inch hands. Now James Winston is one of the most aggressive pitchers in the game, but demonstrated a slightly more conservative game before tearing a knee ligament last season. And with Landry, Michael Thomas and Deont Harris, the Saints will have to live mostly below, methodically moving the ball down the field before finally removing the cover of the defense with Olav’s ball.

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Despite the feeling that Cox has drastically disappeared from the pedestal of the border superstar, he can still bring it. Quite quietly, Cox recorded a respectable 44 pressures in 2021. Now, in addition to the loose, explosive Javon Hargrave and the long athletic specimen Josh Sweet, Cox will play up to 6-7 and 340 pounds older man in the first round Jordan Davis. During the Howie Roseman era, the Eagles had a great defensive front. With this group, choose your poison. I can’t plan the game to stop everyone.

And it’s not that Cox is in his mid-30s. He will turn 32 in December. The season is reviving for the longtime tribe on the inside of the Eagles.

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Given the rapid advances in medical and rehabilitation treatment, we all assume that all players can recover, without hiccups, from a ruptured ACL. This is not always the case. Sutton was injured in Week 2 of 2020 and was not completely himself for parts of 2021. Given his slower rehabilitation and inconsistent quarterback play, Sutton’s 58-Grab and 776-yard season was actually encouraging. .

Nearly 6-4, the 220-pound with fraudulent quick punches, huge catch radius and thunderous talent of the YAC must return to 100% in 2022 to regain its form from 2019, when it made 72 passes for 1112 yards with six results. And now he has Russell Wilson throwing moonballs at him. With Jerry Judy entering Year 3 and what will be a well-balanced attack thanks to the compact one-two shots of Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams, Sutton will be in more favorable situations more often than ever in his NFL career. He will make career highs this season.

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Waller was injured in 2021 – knee and back injuries plus COVID-19 – but managed to go on the field for 11 races. In those games, he averaged five assists and nearly 61 yards, not far from his average for a game during his 2019 breakout season with the Raiders.

But that was in 2020, when Waller joined an elite tight-end call with 107 grabs for a solid 1,196 yards and nine touchdowns. Already completely healthy and suddenly with a brand ahead of a new alpha wide on the list, Waller is on the line for his most effective season so far. He will see better one-on-one matches than ever, given the presence of Davante Adams. And Hunter Renfrow will attract a lot of attention from below. The future 30-year-old Waller will reappear as one of the most dangerous weapons in the game in the final position in 2022.

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