NFL 2022: Trey Lance of the 49ers, Javonte Williams of the Broncos and more second-year players ready for the breakthrough season

If an NFL player doesn’t show anything, by year 2, there’s a problem. Especially if this player was a selection from an early round. And patience is running out until then, because nowadays the stars appear in their second season, if they haven’t already done so in year 1.

These are the professionals from the second year, prepared for a breakthrough in 2022. I did not include those who I thought had already emerged as rookie stars, such as Ja’Mar Chase, Mika Parsons, Jaylan Waddle and Kyle Pitts.

I’m forced to start laying. Must. Trey Lance is the most talented quarterback Kyle Shanahan has ever coached – especially when he was head coach. From his design capabilities to his talent for the monstrous hand, Lance exquisitely fits the model of the modern quarterback franchise. This is not to say that he is still a franchise blender, but he is ticking the physical fields of what it takes to become one.

Speaking of Shanahan, his experience with (smaller) quarterbacks is sterling. The game is designed, the game is called, a scheme that emphasizes the talent of the YAC, Shanahan * always * brings out a high-performance passer. As for the YAC talent around Lance, yes, that’s amazing. Deebo Samuel, George Keatle, Brandon Iyuk. Hell, even Joan Jennings is a load for an outdoor fence.

Lance is in a monstrous year 2, even if all the mechanical and precise refractions are worked out along the way.

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Jaelan Phillips silently had 39 pressures on 402 passes, quick clicks like a rookie, well for a reasonable pressure creation rate of 10.9%. It is a specimen that shook on Professionals’ Day in Miami in 2021, so the abundance of size and athleticism should be emphasized. In addition, the arsenal of pass and rush moves is far from fruitless. The Dolphins re-signed veteran Emmanuel Ogba this off-season, so Phillips won’t have to be an alpha roster right away in Year 2.

In terms of the situation, the Dolphins must be better than they were during a roller coaster ride in the 2021 amusement park, which included a series of seven losses and a winning streak of the same length, thus giving Phillips more opportunities to fast feeder.

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As a rookie, Javonte Williams plays a lot like in North Carolina: through the faces of the players. He averaged 3.42 yards after a quick hit, the 10th highest figure in football among defenders, and forced an astronomical 63 missed rebounds in 203 attempts. Only Jonathan Taylor is pushing harder during the regular season.

He really has Melvin Gordon to fight with in the back, but let’s not look at this as a negative. Williams can absolutely handle the “full” load, but if he is not immediately thrown into the classic role of back and his careers are somewhat limited in each game, this will lead to a fresher Williams later in the season.

And I can’t exaggerate how important Russell Wilson’s presence will be to the game of running. The game of running? Yes. These additional defenders will be removed from the penalty area much more often than before the season. Williams will rise to the status of “elite defender” in 2022.

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JOKer was an animal last season for Brown, but hardly collected an ad for rookie of the year in defense. The ultra-fluid, impossibly second-level athletic defender was created for today’s NFL. It thrives in space, where many defenders are uncomfortable.

With just under 54% of defensive shots, Owusu-Koramoah recorded 76 rebounds, four interceptions, three rebounds and 1.5 sacks. And he is playing behind a solid defensive front, which not only re-signed capable defender Jadeveon Clowney, but also added two bodies to the middle of the draft in Perion Winfrey and Alex Wright.

By the end of the year in 2022, we will consider Ovusu-Coramoa as the best young off-defender in the game. He is so special.

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Josh Palmer is both talented and powerful in attack with an extremely talented quarterback. After a slightly slow but not entirely surprising start for the rookie in the third round, Palmer got more involved at the end of the year. In weeks 14, 16 and 18, he averaged more than seven targets per game and had a total of 14 grabs with a total of 154 receiving yards. Palmer also scored a touchdown in each of these races.

An elegant type for battle through contact with deceptively good ball skills and route sharpness, the 6-foot-1, 210-pounder will be an №3 option for Justin Herbert and no Jared Cook, who saw 83 goals before the season.

Palmer is just a complete wide circle that may not be spectacular in any area, but can win on all three levels while providing little after-catch and reliable hands (just one drop at 45 goals last season). He will be one of the best receivers number 3 in football in 2022.

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As a draft analyst, I’m always looking for traits. And Ernest Jones misses them. It is incredibly explosive at around 6-1 and 230 pounds. What he shows on the field coincides with his combine, vertical in the 88th percentile and wide in the 90th percentile in his position.

As a rookie, the second-tier high-energy defender had 61 shots, four interceptions and two interceptions in less than 38% of defensive moments in the regular season. Injuries eliminated him in the first two playoff games, but by the time the Super Bowl Jones came back 100% and played almost 100% of the shots (93% to be exact). He was a force to win the Los Angeles title with seven strokes, three quarterback hits, two losses to lose and break a pass.

And now Jones is in pencil with Bobby Wagner, a future Hall of Fame contestant who, yes, lost a step, but remains perhaps the best running stop midfielder in the NFL and is rarely out of position. Jones will be like a mushroom learning from Wagner, which will help cause a significant breakthrough in Year 2.

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After most of the rookie training season, the Bears finally took advantage of The Practice Squad Power Rankings’ advice before their week-15 match against Justin Jefferson and the Vikings and promoted Thomas Graham Jr. This probably led to the most glorious outing in the history of the PSPR.

In his NFL debut, Graham had seven rebounds and three breaks, all of which were from the highest reels.

Remember, this is a defensive back who registered eight picks and 32 broke up in three seasons in Oregon. If you’ve been so productive in the corner for three years in college, you know how to play position. Throw the height / weight / speed indicators out the window. I’m serious. In Graham, however, his features also appear. He plays with the necessary aggression to be a smaller corner that lives in the perimeter. He never gives up a challenge on the field and has phenomenal instincts in the coverage of the area that help him play faster than any combine drill exercise would show.

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