NHRA’s experience is “like a science class in high school, but on the track”

How many 17-year-olds can identify the chemical compound CH3NO2?

Or know that this is the product of a reaction between nitric acid and propane, much less need to trust to measure its correct ratio and pour it into the fuel tank of a racing car with 11,000 horsepower, which will shoot the length of more than three NFL flights in less than four seconds and produce more horsepower than the first four or five rows of the Daytona 500?

This is nitromethane, the vital blood that pumps through the NHRA Top Fuel’s engine at 11.2 gallons per second, the same as a fully loaded 747, but produces 25 percent more energy. And that’s the theme of “Working on the Best Fuel Dredger 101” for future high school student Anson Brown.

Starting this weekend at the NHRA’s New England Nationals in Epping, New York, Brown, now an automotive expert, joins his father’s Anthron Brown team at AB Motorsports Matco Tools / Toyota Dragster as a crew member during his summer vacation.

Three-time Top Fuel champion Anthron Brown plans to put his son – the middle of his three children and wife Billy Joe – in the place of a bumping, insanely accelerating dragster.

NHRA champion Anthron Brown passes on the NHRA mistake to his son Anson.

NHRA / National Dragster

“This is one of my future goals. I love him and I think I would be great at that, “said Anson Brown, who is about to leave the Jr. program at 17. Dragster, in which he participated from 8 years old. “I love racing and I think it would be so cool to drive a Top Fuel dredger.”

However, he said: “At the moment, I’m just taking things in stride. So this is only a future goal. But, I mean, honestly, I can’t wait. And I will work as long as I have to work to reach that goal. ”

First, his father wants to see this trademark of Brown’s work ethic, which today spans four generations, act in the most basic way.

“I’m just starting out, so I’m just like an extra set of hands,” said Anson Brown. “Wherever someone needs me, I’m there to help. If they need me to wipe the car, I’ll wipe it. If I have to clean the pistons, I will clean the pistons.

“I’m currently learning how to mix fuel. So it’s really fun and very interesting, “he said,” because it’s like a science class in high school, but on the track. “

anson brown antron brown motorsports

Cousin Dylan Robinson, left, helps Anson Brown mix fuel for Anthron Brown’s NHRA Top Fuel dragster.

Courtesy of AB Motorsports

The younger Brown said: “When I was eight, I didn’t do that much with the car. But as I got older, I started learning more about the car and how it works – because my dad always says there are always two sides to driving. You can drive, but you also need to know and need to know mechanical knowledge. He started teaching me when I was little. He always answered all the questions I asked. So I would say that racing teenagers have definitely expanded my knowledge in racing a lot, and so I know most of the things about the “big races” that he does today. “

It helped that the Super Series champion from Midwest Jr. won his Super Comp license last year at Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School. At the time, Anthron Brown was probably more proud than he was when he scored three crowns in the Top Fuel series. Dad said, “I remember seeing Anson’s face and his excitement when he came back from his first full quarter-mile walk at over 150 miles per hour, and I thought, ‘Wow, he’s grown up.’

Hawley, the 1982 and 1983 NHRA Funny Car Champion, runs the training academy to help aspiring athletes (and even those who want a refresher course) learn in a safe and controlled environment.

And Hawley said after watching Anson Brown’s progress that he “obviously learned a lot from watching and listening to his father.” Antron is a perfect example of how you can actually achieve your dreams in our sport. He has made his way to the champion driver and is now the owner of the NHRA Top Fuel team. He is one of the best pilots in our sport and does an amazing job for his sponsors. He really is a perfect role model for Anson. ”

nhra antron brown

Anthron Brown is a three-time Top Fuel champion.

NHRA / National Dragster

Just like Anthron Brown, who is constantly finding ways to educate himself, Anson Brown said he also wants to continue his education – following an ambitious plan – although he said he can’t wait to join the Camping World Drag Racing Series tour with his dad. after graduating from high school.

“I’m entering my final year and will graduate. So I can’t wait to go after high school, “said Anson Brown. “I will participate in helping my father’s team with something. But I also have plans to go to college. I want to get an MBA. ”

Anthron Brown has strong ties to automotive engineering schools and his son said he wanted to visit one day.

“Technical schools, I love them and I would like to go to one after graduating from college. But I have another aspiration. I want to own my own business, “he said.” So I think getting a master’s degree in business administration would really teach me how to run a business and even help with competitions because it teaches you how to run a business. And competitions are business so they help you manage a team if you want one. “

His father received individual training from his former team owner, Don Schumacher, who had been showing him for 13 years what a winning culture looks like. And Anthron Brown said he learned all the lessons he could by listening to and watching Troy Vincent, his first team boss, as well as Joe Amato, Darrell Gwyn and Tony Schumacher, among others. So Anson is making his own path.

About ten years ago, Anthron Brown won the Top Fuel trophy at the finals in Pomona, California. In the sports section of a national newspaper the next morning, an ad read that Anson Brown had won the race.

Anson Brown was barely in kindergarten when this typo occurred. One day he may be among the winners of an NHRA event – both on the pages of a newspaper or on a car website. But first things.

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